10% Off El Casco Office Supplies

El Casco is well known for making the highest quality office supplies and they have been doing so since the early 1900's. From gold pencil sharpeners to silver memo holders they design hand crafted, hand polished masterpieces that are works of art.

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Imported from Spain, these artisan made office supplies are ideal as special corporate gifts. And now, since the economy is still recovering, Photoframesplus.com is offering a 10% discount on these items. All El Casco office supplies are on sale.

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Executive Birthday Gifts for Her

Where can you find executive birthday gifts for her that suit your profession and are appropriate for your company?

There are many choices available but first you need to decide on what are the right birthday gifts for her. Does she have a hobby, or is something related to the office a good choice?

If it is the former try to connect with her hobby by giving an executive gift that relates to it. If it is the latter a stylish office accessory is a perfect choice. Paper trays, memo holders and other related accessories are great birthday gifts for her.

If you want to do something more personal consider giving her an engraved gift idea she can use on vacation, like a travel jewelry box or cosmetic case. These are great gift ideas she will love.

Discount Coupon on Black Leather Desk Set

This black leather desk set is an incredible, genuine leather desk set. It features top quality leather and all the most important accessories, including a memo holder, card holder and blotter plus more.

A genuine black leather desk set can really improve your office. Leather is an authentic, sophisticated way to outfit any office. It shows style and taste. This black leather desk set is also on sale. Just use this discount coupon code and receive 10% off the listed price.

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A Ship Wheel Clock, Great Gift Idea

For the executive that loves to sail or yacht there is really no better gift idea than the Ship Wheel Clock. It's refined in taste and reflects their hobby so it is bound to land a special place on their mantle or office wall. That is why these are great original executive gift ideas.

A ship wheel clock is a classic piece of decor that nautical enthusiasts all appreciate. Whether you find a wooden ship wheel clock or a brass ship wheel clock, the decorative accent is sure to be appreciated.

One thing to look for when buying a ship wheel clock is strong materials for the base. Beveled glass is also great for the lens over the clock face. High quality quartz clocks will also be more accurate.

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Top 3 Collage Picture Frames for the Office

The office is a whole new world sometimes when it comes to decor. There are a few things you just have to have on your desk, like pencil cups, memo holders and of course your family pictures. The easiest and sometimes only way to include your entire family on your space-eating desktop of today is to use collage picture frames.

So, what are the best ones to use? Here are the top 5 collage picture frames...

1. Floating Glass Collage Picture Frame - This is an ingenious, space saving collage frame that is perfect for the office because of its modern style and glass border that matches any decor. Perfect for any and all offices.

2. Triple Hinged Wood Collage Frame - Takes us less space than three frames but more than the glass floating frame, and holds three vertical pictures. Ideal for offices that are a little larger.

3. Silver Triple Frame - Great for the office wall, this triple collage picture frame comes in silver finish for a perfect match to modern offices.

Search for more collage picture frames for your home or the office. There are frames in all kinds of styles, with double mattes and metal or wood frames.

Find Great Corporate Office Desk Clocks

If you work in a busy office a desk clock is an excellent accessory because it keeps track of time and can also become a centerpiece when you are visiting with clients. It has to be nice however, if you want to make a good impression.

So, where do you find those really nice corporate office desk clocks you see on other executives desk? They are sold only in a few niche stores that cater to offices and executives. They are not sold at large retail box stores.

If you want better desk clocks in fine finishes with themes that you can relate to, visit photoframesplus.com. They carry all manner of desk clock and office accessories including fine El Casco Gold and silver clocks.

These desk clocks are perfect for the executive office in an upscale corporate building and they will help you build a better atmosphere in your office. Make your visitors more comfortable and project an image of success with these fine office desk clocks.

US Army Plaque - Gifts for Soldiers

Know a soldier returning from Iraq? Be sure to thank them for their service with one of our gifts for soldiers. We feature some great US Army plaques that feature hand color filled US Army logos on a real wooden plaque. These gifts are used to commemorate a special deployment overseas, or an achievement or service award while in action.

This real, wood and brass US Army plaque could be used in a Sergeant's office or den. It may just be one of the best things a soldier receives as a gift after returning from the war. Plaques are the perfect way to commemorate any type of event or medal. It is not easy returning home from battle, but a plaque is one of those soldier gifts that really makes a soldier feel like they have done something important.

This US Army plaque is also engraved anyway you like on a brass plate that is mounted to the wood plaque. Take a moment and engrave your own special message, a name or date and make this a personal gift for a soldier.

Drink Coasters are Great Executive Gifts

A drink coaster is an excellent corporate gift idea. They are suitable for the office desk or home coffee table. They even come engraved and in a number of styles.

Some of the more popular drink coasters for the office include fancy Gold and leather coasters. These are ideal for the boardroom as accessories and often make a great impression with clients.

A good office is always outfitted with the best in leather accessories, whether it is an office desk set, blotter or pen holder. Our leather drink coasters will be an executive gift that you can be proud to give and one they will definitely remember.

Have your fancy drink coasters personalized with an engraving or quote today and it will become a very welcome gift idea for any new employee, established CEO or executive.

El Casco and Dacasso both make the best office coasters for executive and corporate buildings. They are also welcome gifts for the home or hostess at a dinner party.

Giving Gifts for Her She'll Remember

Finding the right gifts for her is not an easy task. She has some different tastes, or she has everything, either way you can't seem to find the gift that will make her swoon. Well, these choices might be a better option.

If she already has everything then find a few gifts for her that are more original and personal. Anything you get that is engraved is going to land a special place on her dresser and in her heart. She'll always think of you when she sees it and remember the engraving you put on it.

Another idea is to give her a gift that relates to a bigger one. A small personalized spa robe is an excellent choice to go with a weekend vacation to the islands. Or, how about a personalized jewelry box for that new bracelet or necklace.

Where can you find gifts for her like this? There is a great selection right here. It's a great place to start.

Recognition Awards for the Office

In the office morale is always a big issue, and it can be a big factor in your company's success. That's why we have great recognition awards that will help motivate your team.

These recognition awards are made of the highest quality materials like real marble, crystal and high quality metals. They feature inspirational slogans and messages pre-engraved for added personality. You can also engrave your own messages or names on them.

These recognition awards have been time tested and are used by many of the best companies. Employees do need recognition and reward that lets them know they are part of the team and appreciated. It lets them know they are getting up to go to a career, not just a job that gives them a pay check.

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Model Airplanes for Corporate Gifts

If you want to really make a good impression this holiday season, or during any other time when you need to buy and exchange corporate gifts (retirements, banquets, milestones, birthdays, etc.) then consider stepping outside the box. This doesn't mean buying something wacky or crazy, just something that is a little more inventive.

See some great, historical model airplanes that would make excellent corporate gifts.

Model airplanes have long been enjoyed by enthusiasts, former airplane pilots, historians and anyone with an interest in flying. This could be true for the executive in your firm. They might have an interest in aeronautics, or maybe you actually work for a company that is involved in aviation.

Either way, airplane models make exceptional corporate gifts. They can be given to an individual, or the entire company. Airplane models are sometimes used as decorations in an office or board room. They are a spirited and adventurous gift idea that corporate officials are bound to appreciate.

There are more historical and detailed model airplanes that are more suitable for adult gifts from Authentic Models. They have commercial planes, famous planes and World War II airplane models. It's a very upscale choice.