Top Dollar Dance Song Choices

If you are planning a dollar dance (learn how to do a dollar dance) you'll need a few songs to add to your list.

Choose these favorite dollar dance songs to begin with and then come up with a few of your own. The idea is to keep it light, fun and even ironic. That's the best way to keep everyone interested and dancing at your wedding.

Top Dollar Dance Songs List:

"Hey Big Spender" - Sweet Charity
"Money, Money, Money" - ABBA
"Mony, Mony" performed - Billy Idol
"Ten Cents a Dance" performed by Doris Day
"Money (That's what I want)" - Junior Walker
"Money for Nothing" - Dire Straits
"All You Really Need Is Love" - Brad Paisley or All You Need is Love, by the Beetles
"Amen kind of love" - Daryl Singletary
"Private Dancer" - Tina Turner

How to Do the Wedding Dollar Dance

The wedding dollar dance is one of the easier games to play at a wedding. But it still takes some planning to get it right. Take these tips to heart before you learn how to do the wedding dollar dance.

1. Pick a good dollar dance song. Song choices are everything in the dollar dance. Don't pick something too romantic that might be awkward, or too long. A short 3 minute song that is light hearted and fun is perfect.

Click here for our dollar dance song list

2. Inform the DJ or band ahead of time that you are planning on hosting a dollar dance at the wedding reception. Then work out a good time to do it. Ideally, it should be done early on, after dinner and cake, and the first dance. Try it about a half hour into the after party. This serves several purposes. It "warms" up the dance floor, serves as an icebreaker--and it happens before everyone is way too inebriated to participate.

3. To start the dance, the bride simply grabs here dollar dance bag and then waves it in the air. A white satin money bag is a popular choice. The band will then wait until someone puts a dollar in the money bag and they start playing. The bride dances with whoever hands over the dollar.

4. Continue this until there seems to be no takers. It's OK to let others join in and dance with whoever they want.

Take a look at our dollar dance bags and wedding money bags for a few ideas on what to use during this fun wedding game.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Making your own wedding invitations is something that all soon-to-be brides and grooms consider. However, before you embark on this project, there are several things to consider.

Most make your own wedding invitations involve entering text into a computer program and then printing the included invitations on your home printer. They are often called print-your-own or custom wedding invitations.

While this gives you an instant invitation, the printing process can be difficult. The paper must be centered properly, and you have to pay for the printing ink. Usually, a refill is not necessary unless you have hundreds of invitations to send. Then, you may end up paying more for the ink that you would for the invitations them selves.

That being said, there are several ways to minimize costs and still get the invitations you want.

There are a large selection of printable wedding invitations in just about every style you could hope for.

These invitations come with blank invitations with space to print your own message on them. They also have software that makes it easy to print your wedding invitations at home. Or, just take them to your own printer and have them professionally done. At any office superstore, this won't cost much more than doing it yourself at home, and it will save time, and ensure a better end result.

You can also make your own invitations from different types of paper, but this requires a lot of work and does not ensure as nice a presentation.

For instance the Laura Ashley Butter Cream Jacket Invitation Kit includes envelopes, ribbons and a rich butter cream color paper that is hard to resist. The only thing you need to add is you own printed message, date and location.

So, if you still want to design your own, make sure you have the time to do this, along with everything else. It will help to have Adobe Photoshop and some designs already in mind before you get started.

If you need inspiration check out some wedding designs online or play around with shapes, bells and garland clip art just to get started and to plan your layout. After you have a general idea of what you want, you can build your design, test print it and then run a final printing of your own wedding invitations.

Match them to an envelope and add a ribbon accent or another touch like parchment paper to complete the design.

That's all there is to designing and making your own wedding invitations.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

It's the 21st birthday, so what gift to give? There are some really great gifts for the big 21. It's just a matter of matching them to your friend's personality.

Start with the usual suspects like a wide range of engravable beer mugs, wine glasses and shot glasses. Or, try our new shooter glasses. These can also be engraved.

If your friend is more of a classic type, try the Irish beer steins. They are great for those who really love authentic beer glasses and steins.

Another option is to go more elegant and classy for those that would rather sip wine and liquor than guzzle beer. A wine gift box is perfect. Get an engraved wine box, a set of openers and wine bottle stoppers, or crystal decanters for bourbon, wine and whiskey. Those gifts run a little more expensive but they can be engraved.

Another idea is to get a bar sign with your friend's name engraved on it. This is a great gift for the bar-hopper. These signs are made to resemble real Irish pub signs. Each one features a different theme and is a great gift for the 21.

Check out these 21st birthday gifts today.

Deciding on the Wedding Music

"Honey, they're playing our song..." It's a familiar quote and usually one that has roots in the wedding. If you choose your music correctly, someone might just say that at your wedding.

Selecting the right wedding songs is actually fairly complicated for many couples. Everyone has different tastes and favorites so it's hard to please everyone.

You can start by choosing a few of your own favorites and then generating a few ideas for your own first dance. This will probably end up being "your song" so pick one you both find appealing.

Then add some favorite songs of your guests. What are they currently listening to? Is it hip hop, pop, rock, rap, country? Everyone has changing tastes so if you don't know, ask and find out.

Throw in some oldies for the parents and classic rock if anyone still listens to that anymore. Your ceremony's wedding music will be traditional, however the reception music doesn't have to be. Keep it current and more people will get into the celebration and dance.

It's important to have a dollar dance song as well. Here are some recommendations:

All You Really Need Is Love by Brad Paisley, Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin, Love Don't Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez, and If I had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies. There are other wedding songs too, click here to see more songs.

Selecting a DJ will give you access to a wide range of songs right away without having to hunt them all down yourself. Bands will also be able to play just about anything, however today's hits might not sound quite the same. You'll get a lot of energy from a good band, and there's nothing like live music.

Finding Crystal Awards for the Office

There are a number of great crystal awards for the office. Some are mounted on solid wood, others are pure crystal. Some motivational with themes, others are used as trophies, or employee of the month awards. The trick is finding the ones the really reflect your company's direction and goals.

Start with the basics when choosing a crystal award. The most common is the crystal star paperweight. Since is universal in theme (a star means many things) it is used in several occasions like retirements, promotional events, or employee of the month award.

Another common, universally appreciated crystal award is the etched crystal globe. This comes on a base or has a flat bottom so it can be used as a paperweight. We also sell crystal globes that can be mounted on your choice of bases which include square and pyramid shaped. This personalization allows you to create your own corporate award.

The crystal awards are easily engraved and sometimes engraving is free. Just add your own note, name or date and the item immediately becomes a one-of-a-kind gift.

There are also mounted crystal awards and trophies which come on solid wooden bases. These feature figurines in some cases and have very specialized themes like persistence, being a team player, or financial and sports related themes. They are more specialized and come with pre-engraved quotes. You can still personalize the name and date on these items or give it as is.

When selecting your crystal awards always consider your company's main message but don't get too caught up in it. Simple awards are often just as effective as specialized ones.
Once you have the basic shape picked up, it's time to create the message.

Buying Meaningful Engraved Motivation Gifts

There are many crystal awards out there, the challenge (if you are a manager or executive) is finding ones that meet your business focus and inspire employees to strive for company goals.

Some motivational gifts and crystal awards are designed to be employee gifts. They are made with the workforce in mind. For instance, there is a series of motivational gifts produced by one of our best vendors, each one is s desktop trophy with statue or crystal accent. Then there is a line of crystal trophies, awards and paperweights by another manufacturer who specializes in making high quality awards. In fact, they make awards for several well known entertainment award shows like the Golden Globes.

Whether you choose a crystal star from this collection, or one that has more of a specialized theme, is up to you and should be determined by what your business is trying to achieve and what it stands for.

If it is teamwork, there are teamwork awards and desk trophies for you. If it individual achievement, you will have no problem finding those either. Most feature a statue that depicts this theme in clear visual terms like the Dragon Boat Motivation gift featuring a team of rowers in a boat.

Others feature more well-known symbols like the bull and bear on Wall Street. Others have meanings that are more flexible. Star paperweights, crystal globes and trophies that include animals like horses or are simply shaped to have a dynamic effect.

Whatever you choose, the motivational gift should capture and reflect your company message and speak to everyone. Having it engraved will only enhance this message and make the motivational gift that much more meaningful.

Selecting Crystal Gifts

Crystal is a unique and elegant gift. It is higher in quality than glass, because of the way the crystal is made. Crystal statues, figurines, plaques and awards all have definitive qualities that set them apart. The most noticeable is the clarity which is much higher than glass objects. This produces a reflective sparkle and generally makes the crystal award more interesting.

When it comes time to select a crystal gift, make sure to consider a few things. First of all, the award or gift must match the occasion or reflect a certain interest. Crystal globes are often a safe choice because they are worldly and universal in theme and can represent almost any endeavor or interest from traveling to map making.

Another option to consider is engraving. What type of engraving is available. Laser etching is the clearest available and is state-of-the-art. If the engraving costs extra, this is another thing to make note of. Time to engrave is also important.

Finally, make sure your crystal gifts or awards are real crystal with a high optical clarity. Usually, the higher the quality, the higher the price, but it pays to get something that is considered the best in its class, since your gift choice or award is supposed to represent the same thing.

Choosing the Right Reception Gift Card Box

What is silver and made to look like a gift box? Here's a hint... this ornate item is a conversation piece for your wedding. It will really shine as guests gather to watch it fill up with the gift cards, which are meant to help the happy couple embark on their new life journey together.

Give up? It is the reception gift card box and we have it on sale.

Not only is the card box a practical item for the newlyweds, it also makes a great gift itself for the spouses so they have one less thing to worry about on their big day.

These one of a kind boxes are not difficult to find, especially in the online arena. Make your selection today!

There are many forgetful people who make up the world's population.

As a result, the mantra of "finders keepers, losers weepers" has come about to describe what happens to those whose forgetfulness leads to loss of money or other important items.

Those in the party industry have therefore come up with an idea that is meant to alleviate the scatterbrained nature of these folk.

The gift box reception card holder steps in to save the day with its ability to keep all gifts from the reception in one safe place, to be easily retrieved later without the worry of losing anything in the pile.