Christmas Gifts they Won't Get Bored With

If you are like many people, your favorite Christmas gifts actually become your favorites long after Christmas. After the merriment is over, and everyone has gone home and you sift through the wrapping paper, half eaten cookies and remnants of what was a great Christmas.

These gifts are not always a huge hit when you first open them, but as time goes on and they are used over and over again you realize how important and functional they are. Take, for instance, a server set. That's not something you'll ooh and ahh over when its opened, but as the years go on and you use it to service friends, family and others at dinners and housewarming parties, you'll come to realize how great of an idea it is.

Decorations are also like this. Getting a historical world map, a globe or a piece of antique replica furniture might not sound exciting, but after you have had time to use them and see how they enrich your life, their real value becomes clear.

So, take some time to consider this as you choose your gifts. Authentic Models makes many unique replica furniture pieces, maps and other items that have stood the test of time. With such a high level of detail, they will be things that last decades or more and you'll never grow tired of them.

Unlike a DVD player or a computer that will become obsolete in a year or two, these gift items will plow ahead into the future with you, as part of your life. Choose a few of these great gifts that won't bore anyone, for your closest friends and family members today.

Selecting Real Incredible Home Decor Pieces

If you are moving into a new home soon, you have a great opportunity to add some really interesting home decor pieces to your living space. Maybe you've tried this before, or maybe it's your first time. Either way, you'll need a little help to get started.

What makes a unique home decor piece and what makes one incredible? First of all the design, color and style lend themselves to the character of the piece. Secondly, a back-story adds to its appeal. An antique or a replica of an antique not only look good, and function well in most cases, they lend a historical perspective to your decor.

Authentic Models makes many great decor pieces that have real character because they are genuine replicas of real antiques.  

Another suggestion that make interesting home decor items are fine art sculptures, silk wall hangings and big clocks. It's easy to decorate your home or office with inexpensive but tasteful home decor.

Add style to your home office or decorate your family room with beautiful mantle clocks. Another great idea would be to get them engraved. For collectors, there's nothing like innovative miniature novelty clocks. Truly amazing, there is one for every home decor.

With the ever increasing trends in home d├ęcor, the possibilities are endless and it just keeps getting better. Take a look around to find the most interesting pieces. Here's a hint, they won't be in those big retail outlets. You'll have to start looking online and choose your pieces wisely.

Practical Gift Ideas

Searching for practical gift ideas today is not very easy because most items rely on multiple features or technology as a selling point. But if you look a little deeper, you'll find some practical gifts that make sense, and are actually a lot of fun.

Need a few ideas to get you started? How about a perpetual calendar? It keeps track of the date and never needs to be changed. You'll find wooden block calendars for the desktop at work or at home. They won't run out of batteries and don't need to be programmed. They come in versatile perpetual calendar frames as well, combining two essentials for anyone's desktop.

Maps and globes also fall into this category. They are great for teachers, researchers and those that enjoy geography. From historic globes to up-to-date globes with up-to-the-minute borders and country names, they are great for any age and will be used for a long time to come.

Small pieces of furniture are another idea. End tables, lamp tables and wine racks always have a place in a home. Along with barware and wine boxes, these are stylish, thoughtful and practical gift ideas for adults. If you know a cigar lover, consider a humidor, cigar cutter or ashtray made of marble.

You can also come up with more ideas by searching for items that people use everyday in their homes but may not have the time to buy. Oversized clocks, home decor, paintings and wall hangings are things people really need to decorate or update their homes.

Your practical gift doesn't have to be boring or too common to be useful.

Decorating with Antique Replica Nautical Furniture

Your house is your kingdom and the way it's decorated says a lot about you and your interests. So, if you have an interest in nautical decorations, add some authentic nautical furniture to your rooms.

These pieces of furniture are made with nautical items and they capture the essence or maritime spirit. They include everything from brass porthole mirrors, to authentic nautical antique furniture like the ships porthole cabinet from Authentic Models.

These furniture pieces create a real atmosphere because they are such an important part of the room. Many are very authentic in nature as well. For instance, the nautical sailor footlocker by Authentic models is made just like original sailor chests built centuries ago. They include dove tail corners and rope handles for added realism. These are considered authentic antique replicas because they are so accurately depicted.

Much more durable and useful than real antique nautical furniture, which is extremely hard to come by and very expensive if you do find it, they will become a part of your everyday life.

The nautical furniture is used just like any other piece in your home it just has that added sense of maritime adventure. Combine pieces like porthole mirrors with sailor chests or distribute them throughout your home for a consistent theme. Just one small item changes the entire look of the room and adds a new atmosphere.

These pieces are great for young and old, in the den, or kid's room. Not only will you have a genuine relic from ages past, you'll have a functional piece of designer furniture with a little bit of historical context. Even if you only have a few maritime pictures or anchor wall paper, these pieces fit right in and become a vintage part of your decor.

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