Christmas Gifts they Won't Get Bored With

If you are like many people, your favorite Christmas gifts actually become your favorites long after Christmas. After the merriment is over, and everyone has gone home and you sift through the wrapping paper, half eaten cookies and remnants of what was a great Christmas.

These gifts are not always a huge hit when you first open them, but as time goes on and they are used over and over again you realize how important and functional they are. Take, for instance, a server set. That's not something you'll ooh and ahh over when its opened, but as the years go on and you use it to service friends, family and others at dinners and housewarming parties, you'll come to realize how great of an idea it is.

Decorations are also like this. Getting a historical world map, a globe or a piece of antique replica furniture might not sound exciting, but after you have had time to use them and see how they enrich your life, their real value becomes clear.

So, take some time to consider this as you choose your gifts. Authentic Models makes many unique replica furniture pieces, maps and other items that have stood the test of time. With such a high level of detail, they will be things that last decades or more and you'll never grow tired of them.

Unlike a DVD player or a computer that will become obsolete in a year or two, these gift items will plow ahead into the future with you, as part of your life. Choose a few of these great gifts that won't bore anyone, for your closest friends and family members today.

Selecting Real Incredible Home Decor Pieces

If you are moving into a new home soon, you have a great opportunity to add some really interesting home decor pieces to your living space. Maybe you've tried this before, or maybe it's your first time. Either way, you'll need a little help to get started.

What makes a unique home decor piece and what makes one incredible? First of all the design, color and style lend themselves to the character of the piece. Secondly, a back-story adds to its appeal. An antique or a replica of an antique not only look good, and function well in most cases, they lend a historical perspective to your decor.

Authentic Models makes many great decor pieces that have real character because they are genuine replicas of real antiques.  

Another suggestion that make interesting home decor items are fine art sculptures, silk wall hangings and big clocks. It's easy to decorate your home or office with inexpensive but tasteful home decor.

Add style to your home office or decorate your family room with beautiful mantle clocks. Another great idea would be to get them engraved. For collectors, there's nothing like innovative miniature novelty clocks. Truly amazing, there is one for every home decor.

With the ever increasing trends in home d├ęcor, the possibilities are endless and it just keeps getting better. Take a look around to find the most interesting pieces. Here's a hint, they won't be in those big retail outlets. You'll have to start looking online and choose your pieces wisely.

Practical Gift Ideas

Searching for practical gift ideas today is not very easy because most items rely on multiple features or technology as a selling point. But if you look a little deeper, you'll find some practical gifts that make sense, and are actually a lot of fun.

Need a few ideas to get you started? How about a perpetual calendar? It keeps track of the date and never needs to be changed. You'll find wooden block calendars for the desktop at work or at home. They won't run out of batteries and don't need to be programmed. They come in versatile perpetual calendar frames as well, combining two essentials for anyone's desktop.

Maps and globes also fall into this category. They are great for teachers, researchers and those that enjoy geography. From historic globes to up-to-date globes with up-to-the-minute borders and country names, they are great for any age and will be used for a long time to come.

Small pieces of furniture are another idea. End tables, lamp tables and wine racks always have a place in a home. Along with barware and wine boxes, these are stylish, thoughtful and practical gift ideas for adults. If you know a cigar lover, consider a humidor, cigar cutter or ashtray made of marble.

You can also come up with more ideas by searching for items that people use everyday in their homes but may not have the time to buy. Oversized clocks, home decor, paintings and wall hangings are things people really need to decorate or update their homes.

Your practical gift doesn't have to be boring or too common to be useful.

Decorating with Antique Replica Nautical Furniture

Your house is your kingdom and the way it's decorated says a lot about you and your interests. So, if you have an interest in nautical decorations, add some authentic nautical furniture to your rooms.

These pieces of furniture are made with nautical items and they capture the essence or maritime spirit. They include everything from brass porthole mirrors, to authentic nautical antique furniture like the ships porthole cabinet from Authentic Models.

These furniture pieces create a real atmosphere because they are such an important part of the room. Many are very authentic in nature as well. For instance, the nautical sailor footlocker by Authentic models is made just like original sailor chests built centuries ago. They include dove tail corners and rope handles for added realism. These are considered authentic antique replicas because they are so accurately depicted.

Much more durable and useful than real antique nautical furniture, which is extremely hard to come by and very expensive if you do find it, they will become a part of your everyday life.

The nautical furniture is used just like any other piece in your home it just has that added sense of maritime adventure. Combine pieces like porthole mirrors with sailor chests or distribute them throughout your home for a consistent theme. Just one small item changes the entire look of the room and adds a new atmosphere.

These pieces are great for young and old, in the den, or kid's room. Not only will you have a genuine relic from ages past, you'll have a functional piece of designer furniture with a little bit of historical context. Even if you only have a few maritime pictures or anchor wall paper, these pieces fit right in and become a vintage part of your decor.

Shop for these items online at our store. We have several Authentic Models items available today and the lowest prices around.

Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

This is the time of year when everyone starts giving corporate gifts. Corporate holiday gift giving is expected to rise this year, as companies are finding more opportunities in a growing economy and the fear of the recession is over. So, how do you bullet proof your shopping list this year? By finding better corporate gifts that will always make a good impression.

Keep it simple this year. The recession is over but fear of another one hasn't quite left the building. Don't go overboard with gifts that are too expensive, because it could make you look too optimistic. However, if your company and its higher ups do expect expensive gifts, find some that are office related, and grounded in practicality like El Casco's gold office accessories. They include gold inkwells, pencil sharpeners and other novelty desk accessories from a bygone era, when thins weren't so heady.

Another choice that is perfect in any decade (and every decade to follow until infinity is the Perpetual Calendar. This is one of the most popular office gifts, and if your office hasn't seen one yet, it's perfect. You'll introduce everyone to this really neat calendar that never needs to be replaced. Just turn the blocks to change the date. It's an excellent corporate gift idea.

There are plenty more suitable gifts this year, like bar ware and wine tools, wine boxes, crystal stemware and even wall decorations. If your feeling nostalgic, you'll also find a large selection of retro clocks and decorations in our wall clocks section.

For the traveling executive our leather tie case, travel clocks and valets are excellent choices.

Always remember to buy nice, corporate holiday gifts. It's not a chance to try and save a penny or two here and there. These gifts are designed to be enjoyed.

Client Gifts for the Holidays

“So, this is Christmas...” the song says, and in your world the next line should be “and what should I get” What should you get your clients for Christmas and the holidays, that is. If that’s you, if your world is about making connections, selling yourself and sealing the deal, then this is your store.

We have a big selection of really good client gifts earning recognition on people’s desks (yes, people actually use and keep them). These are those neat gifts you probably have noticed on the desks of the big wigs you’re trying to woo over to your side.

These aren’t bobble heads, or cheesy coffee mugs with insta-print-slogans slapped on the side. These are high quality crystal items made by the same people who craft the Tony Awards and Golden Globes.

These are real crystal office desk clocks, world globes and clock pen stands. They are real gold layered, hand polished accessories from El Casco, and handmade leather desk sets by Dacasso. There are also more traditional items like gold cigar cutters, cigar holders and cases, pen stands and perpetual calendars. If you think a new bull sculpture or bull and bear themed globes, statues and accessories are a better option, you’re probably right. Those are here too.

If you are a law firm or looking for gifts to a lawyer, you can choose from any range of legal themed items including Lady Justice Statues, desk accessories and more. The same goes for the financial industry. Bull statues are an excellent client gift idea for any in the financial arena. Client gifts don’t have to be boring or routine. A colorful gemstone globe bookend, or pen stand will really stand out, for instance, and the same goes for crystal clocks, Gold accessories and other similar items.

Shop for client gifts, click here

Saving Money on Coworker Gifts

Choosing the right co worker gifts requires some forethought and skill. But this year, if you are like so many of us who feel lucky just to have a job, you are more concerned about saving a few dollars on those gifts.

So, if you have a number of co-workers you are buying gifts for be sure to plan ahead and get started on your shopping early. Usually, a few weeks before black Friday you will start to see some great deals on discount items, just to clear out some room for the holiday rush. Take advantage of these discounts and consider a few more short cuts to save more money when buying co-worker gifts.

#1 Look for items that come in bulk packages or buy items in bulk and give them to everyone. Things like candles, candy, and even statues or bookends are available in bulk quantities. You'll always get a bigger discount when you opt to buy more, rather than buying one item here, and one item there. If you are shopping online for coworker gifts, you'll also save on the shipping costs.

#2 Spend cheap but don't buy cheap. There are great items that are just as expensive looking and well-made as those really costly gifts you see everywhere. However, because of overstocks, or lower demand for some reason, the price is not as high. Focus on these items and consider getting them engraved to make them more original.

#3 Choose wisely in regards to who you buy for and how much you spend. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot on the intern, or your boss' secretary, it will make sense to spend more on your boss, or the new manager you'll be working with after the holidays.

Always select nice things you won't find in box stores to avoid getting something someone else in the office might buy. There are many designer items from manufacturers who focus on inter-office gifts as their niche. These items are perfect for coworker gifts. You'll find accessories from Bey Berk and Dacasso are among the best.

Top Three Wedding Cake Toppers

Hosting a wedding this year? Don't forget the best part. Choosing a cake topper really tops off the celebration, one of the sweetest moments of the occasion. Of course, this brings some challenges too. Some couples want something that is fun, humorous and engaging, others a more sophisticated and elegant piece, that serves as a reminder of their special day.

So, when choosing the best cake toppers for this year, we considered both angles and points of view. Here is a selection of great ideas for everyone. No matter what you enjoy or how you view this part of the reception, these will definitely put the right cap on your event.

Football cake tops are great for athletic couples and those that enjoy sports but they are not for everyone. In fact, if you are looking for something a little more elegant and unique, why settle for this? Though they are very popular, it is hard to say they are the best.

When compared to this truly romantic option it doesn't compare. The contemporary dove cake topper really makes your event shine.

Top Wedding Bar Flasks for Groomsmen

If you're getting married soon, there's plenty to think about. The Tux, your honeymoon plans, the DJ, food and whatever else your wife put you in charge of. But there are a few traditions you simply can't forget about.

Grooms always have a best man and groomsmen to help during this occasion. There are probably your close friends, relatives and brothers and each deserves a token of appreciation after wards. Traditionally, this gift of appreciation to groomsmen is a flask or another piece of bar ware. Seeing as you probably don't own a flask, and have never bought one before, you may be wondering where to find one. These are the top wedding flasks for groomsmen and the best man.

Bar Flasks come in all shapes and sizes. But the most common for groomsmen includes the stainless steel and leather variety. This is a combination of the finest materials and will last forever. These flasks can also be engraved, but if you want to emphasize the engraving, opt for this stainless steel flask without the leather cover. This will preserve the engraving longer.

If you like the look of leather and want to get a little fancier, try this 8 oz. flask with honey hide leather click here.

The flask and cigar tube set is another classic groomsmen gift idea. It's another combination of two great accessories and perfect for the wedding atmosphere.

If you want to be more traditional in your approach, this pewter flask is a great choice. Made of real pewter its designed to be just slightly more classic in design.

There are many more options. The one you choose will depend on your tastes. Take a look at the golf tee holder and flask sets for golfing groomsmen, or thermos flask sets and wallet flasks as well.

Corporate Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

This year, give something special to your employees, boss or coworker. A corporate Christmas gift basket is one of those great ideas. It contains only the things that you want to give. This makes the gift really special and unique. All the items in the basket can be engraved, and you don't need to actually give a basket that holds the items. Instead, you can simply package them together or give them as a set.

Corporate Desk Sets - These make the best corporate gift baskets for Christmas, Secretary's day or any other occasion. That's because they are office related and will be used at work or at home. They are a symbol of respect and achievement as well. Giving someone a desk set says, "You've arrived!". It's a gift of appreciation that will last quite a long time. See our Corporate Gifts

Choose a handmade leather desk set by Dacasso, or one of the many marble, wood or glass desk sets available from other top vendors. They really say success in so many ways. Each comes pre-packaged inside of a custom box as well for easier gift giving. That's your corporate gift basket right there!

Wine Gift Sets and Bar Ware - Another fine choice for a corporate gift basket is the wine set, or bar ware collection. There's many ways to go about this choice. You can pick and choose separate pieces of bar ware like corkscrews, wine openers, and even martini shakers. Or, you can purchase the set together as one item. Either way, this is another option to the traditional corporate Christmas gift basket.

Getting them engraved. This is a great idea but plan ahead. Leave an additional week or two to have your item custom engraved. It may take longer in some cases. At most stores, the engraving is free, but sometimes an additional cost is required.

Bar Ware is a Classic Gift

Bar ware is becoming a popular gift choice, especially in corporate offices. It has long been a tradition at weddings, but recently that has spilled over into the workplace.

Bar ware like coasters, wine glasses and wine gift baskets are considered in great taste, but the reason they are more popular now might be due to their quality. One store manager, who sells these items said that people like to receive things like this because they can tell they are well made. They may not even drink very often, as drinking is not in fashion like it once was. However, the item still is a great gift. It's a socially acceptable, sophisticated gift idea and it makes people feel good.

These items are often engraved with a name and date, which makes them more special and individual. That also makes the gift more appealing.

In addition, the items are typically made with real marble, crystal or leather. Things like that are hard to come by today because bog box stores have stripped all the expensive parts and accessories from the items they sell in order to reduce the price and sell in volume.

When you purchase a piece of bar ware, these added touches are included. Now, they are considered a luxury. Even the stainless steel bar tool sets, with real stainless and heavy duty construction are very superior to the items you find in a retail outlet. Just holding them and using them you can tell they are better made.

Some of the more popular bar ware gifts include metal coasters, wine boxes and crystal wine decanters. See a wine console and bar ware gifts here.

Travel Mugs and Coffee Warmers

A heated travel mug is always appreciated as a gift for commuters and travelers, because it is something that is so useful. We offer several of these mugs which are among the most popular sold today. They include USB travel mugs, portable car coffee mugs, and can coolers and warmers.

Try the Digital Heated Travel Mug, a new, Smart Mug with LED panel that displays your drink's temperature. Just set this 16 oz mug to a comfortable temperature between 85 and 160 degrees with the easy to read LED display, which comes with a 12V car adapter. Keep your soda and beer ice cold and ready to drink with the electronic can coolers. Either one makes an excellent gift idea for dad, especially if he commutes to work.

Another idea is the USB Coffee Mug. This handy, portable travel mug heats coffee, makes tea and keeps all hot drinks hot. It plugs into a USB port and has a car AC adapter so you can take it from the car to work. Plug the USB cord into the computer and it'll heat your drink at your desk.

There are several great travel mugs, can coolers and other devices that make excellent gifts for commuters and travelers right here. Buy them all at an affordable price.

Decorating Small Rooms and Spaces

It might seem impossible to decorate a small room or limited living space because everything you want just won't fit, literally. However, there are several ways to get the decor and look you want in a very small space.

The first is to simply downsize everything you want and need in that room. This includes tables, desks, even chairs. Instead of a big coffee table, look for end tables, nightstands or just install mounted shelves.

If you need a desk or bureau, there are ways to add them without taking up space. For instance, a mounted desk, one that mounts to your wall, takes up much less room that a standard floor desk of the same size. That’s because the desk legs take up space and sometimes extend beyond the edge of the desk top. Mounting it to the wall not only saves a few precious inches on each side, it frees up the underneath area for a small wastebasket, boxes or anything else.

You can still mount a desktop and be decorative if that’s what you want. Try this small metal desk, which is perfect for limited spaces and small rooms.

It will also help to get creative and make use of dual function items. Folding bars can reduce their size by up to 50%, going from 59 inches wide down to 26 inches or less in some cases. Storage bins that stack will also get some of the clutter up off the ground and organize the closet so you have more floor space to work with.

Follow all thees tricks and your small room will start to feel a little more important, and a bit bigger.

Start shopping for home decor now.

Top Dollar Dance Song Choices

If you are planning a dollar dance (learn how to do a dollar dance) you'll need a few songs to add to your list.

Choose these favorite dollar dance songs to begin with and then come up with a few of your own. The idea is to keep it light, fun and even ironic. That's the best way to keep everyone interested and dancing at your wedding.

Top Dollar Dance Songs List:

"Hey Big Spender" - Sweet Charity
"Money, Money, Money" - ABBA
"Mony, Mony" performed - Billy Idol
"Ten Cents a Dance" performed by Doris Day
"Money (That's what I want)" - Junior Walker
"Money for Nothing" - Dire Straits
"All You Really Need Is Love" - Brad Paisley or All You Need is Love, by the Beetles
"Amen kind of love" - Daryl Singletary
"Private Dancer" - Tina Turner

How to Do the Wedding Dollar Dance

The wedding dollar dance is one of the easier games to play at a wedding. But it still takes some planning to get it right. Take these tips to heart before you learn how to do the wedding dollar dance.

1. Pick a good dollar dance song. Song choices are everything in the dollar dance. Don't pick something too romantic that might be awkward, or too long. A short 3 minute song that is light hearted and fun is perfect.

Click here for our dollar dance song list

2. Inform the DJ or band ahead of time that you are planning on hosting a dollar dance at the wedding reception. Then work out a good time to do it. Ideally, it should be done early on, after dinner and cake, and the first dance. Try it about a half hour into the after party. This serves several purposes. It "warms" up the dance floor, serves as an icebreaker--and it happens before everyone is way too inebriated to participate.

3. To start the dance, the bride simply grabs here dollar dance bag and then waves it in the air. A white satin money bag is a popular choice. The band will then wait until someone puts a dollar in the money bag and they start playing. The bride dances with whoever hands over the dollar.

4. Continue this until there seems to be no takers. It's OK to let others join in and dance with whoever they want.

Take a look at our dollar dance bags and wedding money bags for a few ideas on what to use during this fun wedding game.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Making your own wedding invitations is something that all soon-to-be brides and grooms consider. However, before you embark on this project, there are several things to consider.

Most make your own wedding invitations involve entering text into a computer program and then printing the included invitations on your home printer. They are often called print-your-own or custom wedding invitations.

While this gives you an instant invitation, the printing process can be difficult. The paper must be centered properly, and you have to pay for the printing ink. Usually, a refill is not necessary unless you have hundreds of invitations to send. Then, you may end up paying more for the ink that you would for the invitations them selves.

That being said, there are several ways to minimize costs and still get the invitations you want.

There are a large selection of printable wedding invitations in just about every style you could hope for.

These invitations come with blank invitations with space to print your own message on them. They also have software that makes it easy to print your wedding invitations at home. Or, just take them to your own printer and have them professionally done. At any office superstore, this won't cost much more than doing it yourself at home, and it will save time, and ensure a better end result.

You can also make your own invitations from different types of paper, but this requires a lot of work and does not ensure as nice a presentation.

For instance the Laura Ashley Butter Cream Jacket Invitation Kit includes envelopes, ribbons and a rich butter cream color paper that is hard to resist. The only thing you need to add is you own printed message, date and location.

So, if you still want to design your own, make sure you have the time to do this, along with everything else. It will help to have Adobe Photoshop and some designs already in mind before you get started.

If you need inspiration check out some wedding designs online or play around with shapes, bells and garland clip art just to get started and to plan your layout. After you have a general idea of what you want, you can build your design, test print it and then run a final printing of your own wedding invitations.

Match them to an envelope and add a ribbon accent or another touch like parchment paper to complete the design.

That's all there is to designing and making your own wedding invitations.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

It's the 21st birthday, so what gift to give? There are some really great gifts for the big 21. It's just a matter of matching them to your friend's personality.

Start with the usual suspects like a wide range of engravable beer mugs, wine glasses and shot glasses. Or, try our new shooter glasses. These can also be engraved.

If your friend is more of a classic type, try the Irish beer steins. They are great for those who really love authentic beer glasses and steins.

Another option is to go more elegant and classy for those that would rather sip wine and liquor than guzzle beer. A wine gift box is perfect. Get an engraved wine box, a set of openers and wine bottle stoppers, or crystal decanters for bourbon, wine and whiskey. Those gifts run a little more expensive but they can be engraved.

Another idea is to get a bar sign with your friend's name engraved on it. This is a great gift for the bar-hopper. These signs are made to resemble real Irish pub signs. Each one features a different theme and is a great gift for the 21.

Check out these 21st birthday gifts today.

Deciding on the Wedding Music

"Honey, they're playing our song..." It's a familiar quote and usually one that has roots in the wedding. If you choose your music correctly, someone might just say that at your wedding.

Selecting the right wedding songs is actually fairly complicated for many couples. Everyone has different tastes and favorites so it's hard to please everyone.

You can start by choosing a few of your own favorites and then generating a few ideas for your own first dance. This will probably end up being "your song" so pick one you both find appealing.

Then add some favorite songs of your guests. What are they currently listening to? Is it hip hop, pop, rock, rap, country? Everyone has changing tastes so if you don't know, ask and find out.

Throw in some oldies for the parents and classic rock if anyone still listens to that anymore. Your ceremony's wedding music will be traditional, however the reception music doesn't have to be. Keep it current and more people will get into the celebration and dance.

It's important to have a dollar dance song as well. Here are some recommendations:

All You Really Need Is Love by Brad Paisley, Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin, Love Don't Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez, and If I had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies. There are other wedding songs too, click here to see more songs.

Selecting a DJ will give you access to a wide range of songs right away without having to hunt them all down yourself. Bands will also be able to play just about anything, however today's hits might not sound quite the same. You'll get a lot of energy from a good band, and there's nothing like live music.

Finding Crystal Awards for the Office

There are a number of great crystal awards for the office. Some are mounted on solid wood, others are pure crystal. Some motivational with themes, others are used as trophies, or employee of the month awards. The trick is finding the ones the really reflect your company's direction and goals.

Start with the basics when choosing a crystal award. The most common is the crystal star paperweight. Since is universal in theme (a star means many things) it is used in several occasions like retirements, promotional events, or employee of the month award.

Another common, universally appreciated crystal award is the etched crystal globe. This comes on a base or has a flat bottom so it can be used as a paperweight. We also sell crystal globes that can be mounted on your choice of bases which include square and pyramid shaped. This personalization allows you to create your own corporate award.

The crystal awards are easily engraved and sometimes engraving is free. Just add your own note, name or date and the item immediately becomes a one-of-a-kind gift.

There are also mounted crystal awards and trophies which come on solid wooden bases. These feature figurines in some cases and have very specialized themes like persistence, being a team player, or financial and sports related themes. They are more specialized and come with pre-engraved quotes. You can still personalize the name and date on these items or give it as is.

When selecting your crystal awards always consider your company's main message but don't get too caught up in it. Simple awards are often just as effective as specialized ones.
Once you have the basic shape picked up, it's time to create the message.

Buying Meaningful Engraved Motivation Gifts

There are many crystal awards out there, the challenge (if you are a manager or executive) is finding ones that meet your business focus and inspire employees to strive for company goals.

Some motivational gifts and crystal awards are designed to be employee gifts. They are made with the workforce in mind. For instance, there is a series of motivational gifts produced by one of our best vendors, each one is s desktop trophy with statue or crystal accent. Then there is a line of crystal trophies, awards and paperweights by another manufacturer who specializes in making high quality awards. In fact, they make awards for several well known entertainment award shows like the Golden Globes.

Whether you choose a crystal star from this collection, or one that has more of a specialized theme, is up to you and should be determined by what your business is trying to achieve and what it stands for.

If it is teamwork, there are teamwork awards and desk trophies for you. If it individual achievement, you will have no problem finding those either. Most feature a statue that depicts this theme in clear visual terms like the Dragon Boat Motivation gift featuring a team of rowers in a boat.

Others feature more well-known symbols like the bull and bear on Wall Street. Others have meanings that are more flexible. Star paperweights, crystal globes and trophies that include animals like horses or are simply shaped to have a dynamic effect.

Whatever you choose, the motivational gift should capture and reflect your company message and speak to everyone. Having it engraved will only enhance this message and make the motivational gift that much more meaningful.

Selecting Crystal Gifts

Crystal is a unique and elegant gift. It is higher in quality than glass, because of the way the crystal is made. Crystal statues, figurines, plaques and awards all have definitive qualities that set them apart. The most noticeable is the clarity which is much higher than glass objects. This produces a reflective sparkle and generally makes the crystal award more interesting.

When it comes time to select a crystal gift, make sure to consider a few things. First of all, the award or gift must match the occasion or reflect a certain interest. Crystal globes are often a safe choice because they are worldly and universal in theme and can represent almost any endeavor or interest from traveling to map making.

Another option to consider is engraving. What type of engraving is available. Laser etching is the clearest available and is state-of-the-art. If the engraving costs extra, this is another thing to make note of. Time to engrave is also important.

Finally, make sure your crystal gifts or awards are real crystal with a high optical clarity. Usually, the higher the quality, the higher the price, but it pays to get something that is considered the best in its class, since your gift choice or award is supposed to represent the same thing.

Choosing the Right Reception Gift Card Box

What is silver and made to look like a gift box? Here's a hint... this ornate item is a conversation piece for your wedding. It will really shine as guests gather to watch it fill up with the gift cards, which are meant to help the happy couple embark on their new life journey together.

Give up? It is the reception gift card box and we have it on sale.

Not only is the card box a practical item for the newlyweds, it also makes a great gift itself for the spouses so they have one less thing to worry about on their big day.

These one of a kind boxes are not difficult to find, especially in the online arena. Make your selection today!

There are many forgetful people who make up the world's population.

As a result, the mantra of "finders keepers, losers weepers" has come about to describe what happens to those whose forgetfulness leads to loss of money or other important items.

Those in the party industry have therefore come up with an idea that is meant to alleviate the scatterbrained nature of these folk.

The gift box reception card holder steps in to save the day with its ability to keep all gifts from the reception in one safe place, to be easily retrieved later without the worry of losing anything in the pile.

Great Gift for Grandmom

It's not always easy to find a gift for Grandmom. However, there are some great Grandmother gifts that are always a hit. These gift ideas will give Grandmom something she can use, and cherish from her Grand kids.

The point is to give her something personal that is useful. This leather eyeglass case is just that. It fits any personality too. This leather eyeglass case is made from genuine leather in two styles: lizard embossed and smooth tan leather.

Grandmom will love the style and look of the colorful eyeglasses case. You can select a custom color from a list of available options. Once you choose the color that is right for your Grandmom, just place her name and a special message on the eyeglass case. Your personal words will mean everything. This is one gift for grandmom she will really remember.

This is also a gift grand kids can afford on their own allowance money. It's something they can purchase and give themselves.

Take a look at this special gift for Grandmom today. It is an excellent choice.

Order the leather eyeglass case today.

Organize Your Life with Organizational Products and Gifts

It's easy to let life get out of control. With business meetings, lunches, dates and errands to run, the more you do, the less time you have to plan it all. With these organizational products, gifts and accessories, you can get life back under control and stop letting it take you for a ride.

The easiest way to organize your life is still the simplest. A leather planner or daily planner will keep track of all your appointments and scheduling conflicts with ease. All you need to do is write them down. No software to load or passwords to remember. Just open it, write down the appointment and you are done.

There are organizational products and gifts with fancy accessories too. With the famous Serrano Rollerball Pen, the wire bound agenda and address book, keep everything organized and appointments in order.

Your life doesn't slow down, so get this designer leather organizer and agenda today. Stay on top of your life with a simple daily planner. Enjoy the stylish rich, top grain leather. The executive leather agenda has everything you need and want.

See the leather pocket agenda.

A mini leather planner is another great idea. This small, leather planner fits into your pocket book so it is easy to carry.

These organizational products make excellent gifts too. Find one for your coworkers, clients or friends. They are priced right and come in customized colors and finishes.

Bookends are a Special Gift

Bookends aren’t just for Christmas, they are for readers anytime of year. With our extensive selection of very high quality decorative bookends, you'll want to buy a few for friends and yourself.

Find out for yourself just what it feels like to have invested in first class craftsmanship. We have so many types of bookends for every type of person that we know you will be impressed with our line up. We have exquisitely designed bookends for the sailboat enthusiast or anyone that wants as excellent accessory for his/her living room or den.
There are marble bookends for those looking for a touch of class, and even torso bookends for those who want a bit of eccentricity. We know that you will be impressed with all our unique and versatile bookends.

Fun, decorative items like these bookends are among the world's most unique. The bookends come from the finest manufacturers. Most important of all is that these each bookend will last a lifetime. Each one symbolizes your love of books as well as stand as a permanent reminder to anyone that ever receives one.

These wonderfully crafted decorative bookends speak volumes to anyone that has them be it in a library or even on a window sill.

Whether you are a reader of literature heavy weights or paperback mysteries these bookends will complement any collection and catch any eye. Whenever you bring a book home you know that eventually they will end up safe and sound between two loving symbols of quality and design. These bookends are not just for Christmas they are for life!

Choosing handmade wedding invitations

Selecting your handmade wedding invitations is a tricky task for engaged couples. The wedding invitations are an important part of the ceremony, after all. It is the first thing guests see when they are invited to the event.

So, what should you consider when buying new wedding invitations?

First of all, it is important to note that some handmade wedding invitations are easier to assemble than others. And if you are planning a wedding time is going to be more precious than money by a lot. Don't skimp on invitations to save a few bucks because you will find that the handmade wedding invitations that require a lot of assembly just aren't worth the savings, if there are any at all.

Another thing to consider is the theme. What is the overall theme of your wedding? Make this part of the handmade wedding invitations if possible. With the custom print your own invitations, usually the themes are suitable for every type of wedding. You can change them as needed to suit whatever type of theme your wedding has. This is a great time saver as well, because you won't be stuck hunting all over the internet for that perfect invitation.

Make sure you have a good printer to make these printable wedding invitations as well. The printer will only add words to the invitations, but they must be clear and it must have settings to print on special card stock or lighter papers, as most kits include both.

There is no need to overdo the wording on your wedding invitations. This can be as simple as "You are cordially invited to..." to more in depth poems, verses or anything else you wish to put on the invitation. Don't go overboard, make sure it will all fit on one page right on the front of the invitation.

Additional accents like tissue paper, or ribbons are always nice but these are not necessary either. Stick with the traditional handmade wedding invitations from today's top vendors and you will see that they have everything you need to make them yourself.

Alternatives to the wedding invitation do exist. Photo frame invites are popular, especially the glass, curved frames. Just slide in a picture of the couple and have them engraved with a special invitation. It is something your guests will be able to keep forever.

Buying Desk Statues

Every office needs decorations. Desk statues are one of the most common. Desktop statues are usually placed on the desk or shelf inside an office, on a home mantle or on a table. They are a widely used decoration and sometimes give as professional gifts, awards and tokens of appreciation.

There are several great desk statues for professional and they make excellent professional gift ideas. Here are a few...

The Wall Street Bull Statue is a classic professional gift. Find bull and bear statues, or just a statue of the bull, a prominent, progressive gift and decoration for the executive or manager.

Golf sculptures are fun, hobby related office gifts that are loved by the golf enthusiast. There are funny golf statues featuring Senior golfers, angry golfers and serious statues of club head, golf balls, or hole in one champions.

Gemstone Globes and world globes are another type of statue that is perfect for the office. Elegant and hand made, these items are colorful and appreciated by collectors. It is a great gift idea that professionals who enjoy decorative objects will greatly admire.

Financial, legal and medical statues are also available. They feature symbols of the profession like the Scales of Justice, Lady Justice statue and Caduceus symbol. These are perfect for lawyers, doctors, and stock brokers.

Find more desk statues and corporate sculptures here.

Top 5 Gifts for Professionals

Professionals give gifts for a range of events and occasions including career milestones, retirements, birthdays and social occasions. Of course, the main day gift giving is en vogue is Christmas and the holiday season. If you are a professional gifts are part of your career track. Here's some tips and advice to help with finding the right gifts for professionals, and the top 5 professional gifts of all time.

1. Desk Statues - Very popular and always appreciated professional gifts always make a statement and become fixtures in an office. The desk statue can be given as an award, it can be engraved and personalized and, depending on what type of statue you choose, can represent almost anything. Here's a few ideas on which desk statues to buy...

2. Bookends - A great gift for professionals in any area of interest. This gift shows taste and professionalism. There's many choices too. Start with animal bookends like eagle bookends, sharks, dolphin bookends, or be a little more modern and artistic, there are funny, decorative and financial bookends as well. Professionals need items to organize a desktop or shelf at home or in the office.

3. Business Card Cases - Excellent choice for salesmen and executives. This is a little unoriginal, but it is suitable for almost any occasion. Plus, it can be personalized very easily and inexpensively (sometimes for free) so that makes the item unique and personal.

4. Pen Sets - Classic gifts for professionals to exchange. This gift is great for collectors or anyone who appreciates finely made writing instruments. Perfect for the boss, new client or administrator. Great professional gifts for lawyers and doctors too.

5. Desk Sets - This includes desk pads, and complete desk sets. The most sophisticated and generally most appreciated are the handmade leather desk sets by Dacasso. These are premium quality items with leather stretched by hand across the desktop pad. Order them in a complete set, or customize your order by mixing and matching a range of different desktop accessories. There are business card holders, letter openers, paper trays and more.

See more professional gifts and ideas here.

Decorative Bookends in Marble, Brass and Bronze

Take a moment to look at your shelves. Are they a real mess? We might have the answer. Organize your bookshelves and add new, insightful decorations with these bookends from our collection. They are not cheap-o bookends, they are decorations to keep forever.

These bookends are not your usual small, lightweight boring weights. Just take a look and see for yourself that these individual decorative bookends are made especially for those who want to add a unique and personal touch to their bookshelves.

They are constructed of materials designed to last: marble, brass and bronze metals. That means these bookmarks are strong enough to last several generations if you like and could well become family heirlooms. Each one is designed for different personalities. There are mermaids, elephants, frog bookends, eagle bookends and more, even senior golf bookends. We have thought of everything for you.

So take a moment to peruse our shelves of these unique products and we think that you will agree that we have come up with some marvelous products for businesses, households or presents.

They combine beauty and functionality without costing a fortune. All of these products can be personalized for you and we will guarantee that they will become talking points for years to come. All the bookends are made to last as can be seen from the quality materials that they are made from.

We are confident that you will not find a better product or price than we are offering. If you want the best bookends then you have come to the best makers for quality bookends at agreeable prices.

Functionally, finesse and fine craftsmanship are the trademarks of all our products and we are confident that you will come back again when you see how much an impact they make on your friends.

Finding Gifts for Her

There is no simple way to find the right gifts for her. Even if you know her extremely well, there is always something new and unique she probably wants that she hasn't told you.

Finding gifts for her that make her smile and feel romantic are not easy to find no matter who you are. That's why it is important to take a moment and consider all the gifts she wants or has wanted before.

What were those things and how did she come to want these gifts? Is there something new she is doing in her life now, or is there a special piece of jewelry that will sum up everything you feel about her.

Finding the right gifts for her is more art than science, that is for sure. Her tastes won't be the same from month to month, let alone year to year. One birthday she may want a massage coupon, while another birthday or holiday, a Friendship bracelet is a better option.

Choosing these gift ideas for her will take some practice and patience. Listen for hints, or subtle clues. Usually, she will at least try to lead you in the right direction.

If you can't figure out what it is she wants, try these gifts for her and see if anything makes a connection.

When to Give DIY Office Gifts

Sometimes the urge to get your hands dirty and do it yourself strikes at the oddest moments, like when you are thinking of what to get a friend, or coworker. This is a short guide to help you figure out when to DIY and when not to.

Those DIY gifts are excellent ways to thank a friend who helped you out with an investment of their own time. It shows you are willing to spend some time to thank them for their help. DIY gifts are also perfect for new neighbors, relatives and even step-family members.

However, they may not be suitable for the office, the boss or the executive. Usually, DIY in this case means you ran out of money! But seriously, good do it yourself gifts are ones that people will use in their homes, or hang as art. Painting a picture, framing a photograph, or building a birdhouse are all examples of good DIY gifts.

Giving the boss a hand knit tie, or spice rack is not such a great idea. There are plenty of great executive gifts for the office to choose from that are not DIY projects, though they are hand made. Take the Italian leather desk mats and pads for instance. Or, hand layered El Casco Gold Stapler, paperweights and other accessories.

All are excellent choices for the office gift, and they are handmade too, just not by you.

Top 5 Housewarming Gifts

A housewarming is a special time. It's when a couple moves in and makes the house into their home. These housewarming gifts put your special two cents in to make the moment even more unique.

The question of what to get as a housewarming gift is always complicated but it doesn't have to be difficult. Stick to these top gift ideas for housewarmings and your gifts will always strike the right chords.

1. Barware is one of the top gifts because it is useful, special and reminds people of a celebration. It's also something people do not want to spend money on themselves, so its the perfect housewarming gift.

2. Wine gifts, wine boxes and wine tools are also fine gifts for the housewarming party. Try a personalized wood wine box, or a designer carbon fiber wine box for modern homes. Serving trays and platters are also special items that the true host and hostess will love.

3. Bookends are a great item for new homes. They are useful just about anywhere. You will find many unique themes from animals to abstract art.

4. Outdoor items are another possibility. Though barbecue tools are a little too common, something like an outdoor bucket cooler, soft cooler or radio is unique and fun.

5. Picture frames are always welcome. You can never have enough of these. Though it might seem too common, new homeowners will need plenty of them. Buy really nice brass or silver frames and expect to pay around $25 for suitable items.

Client Gifts

New clients are always difficult to find gifts for. After all you just met them. So, how do find, and when do you buy new gifts for clients?

It is not easy to say exactly when you buy a client gift, but anytime your company has set a precedent for this type of action, it is advisable to follow through. Of course, if you are a trendsetter and trying to change your company image, client gifts are the way to go.

There are a few different approaches to buying client gifts. First is to buy something nice, useful but inexpensive like a card case, pen stand or keychain. The other option is to up the ante and buy something a little more unique and desirable like bookends, statues or other fine gifts. For instance, you just landed a new client in financial services, so buy them a pair of bull and bear bookends, or a bull statue. New client in the legal department, consider a lady justice statue.

No matter what you choose, your client gift will always be accepted and appreciated because everyone likes a gift.

Find corporate gifts and office accessories here.

Gifts for Stock Brokers and Investors

The investing community is a large one. From investing houses to brokerages to financial analysts, most of us come in contact with them at some point in time. These people help navigate us through the tricky financial markets.

Finding gifts for stock brokers and investors is equally tricky, maybe not as difficult as choosing that once-in-a-lifetime stock, but still a challenge.

There are several types of accessories, awards and statues that make excellent stock market gifts. They feature the bull and bear, two fabled myths that represent the opposing forces in the market. These items are for the desktop, or shelf. They can be engraved and personalized. Some are used as award at Fortune 500 companies.

They come in many styles from brass to gold, resin cast, and metal cast. Marble bases, wood bases, chrome and other finishes are available as stockbroker gifts.

You will also find stock broker accessories like desk pads, memo holders, pen stands and other fine items. All feature icons of the stock market and make beautiful gifts.

Look into these gifts for stock brokers and investors today. They are well admired and much appreciated.

Finding the Right Corporate Awards

It is not always easy to find the right corporate awards for the office. The award needs to capture your message and reward the right kind of effort and dedication. Every item you buy will have a definite theme and motivation behind it. However, it is up to you to sort out which ones are viable for your company.

There are corporate employee recognition awards tailored to pre-determined themes that are used over and over again at a range of companies around the world. They are common motivational themes that just seem to work well time and time again, no matter what the economy is doing.

Then there are simplistic awards like crystal globes and paperweights which really have no theme. You can engrave your own text and logo on them. What's even better is that these items come at a discount when purchased in bulk, so you save more. Have several engraved and you will never have to wait to have your award presented.

Stock up these and other great corporate awards today. Find recognition awards and more.

Golf Gifts for the Executive

If there is one thing most executives agree on, it is that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work! The love of golf is something many top level executives share. In fact, many golf with their favorite clients and business partners. So, it is no wonder that golf gifts hold such a special place in corporate culture.

If you are giving a golf gift, finding one that is original is sometimes a challenge. There are a lot of options out there. Some of the more original golf gifts for executives include golf themed glass globes, and statues.

You will find many golf statues that are original which capture many different aspects of the game. These golf gifts, when engraved are a very special gift that is always remembered.

Have it engraved and it will also make a fine award or motivational gift for the executive.

Best Stock Market Awards

If you work in the financial industry, you know how important motivation is. Awards are a primary way to reward and motivate everyone on your team. You also know that the more relevant the award is, the more effective it is. Maybe you have tried to search for real stock market awards and found little.

Well there are companies who produce these awards which are designed just for the stock market professional. So, where do you find them? This stock market award and recognition plaque is perfect for any investment firm or financial company.

It features a glass plaque and inscription area with a granite base featuring the bull and bear. There are no two better symbols for the market today. Order it now for your corporate function or awards ceremony.

Where to Find Real Lawyer Gifts

Lawyers are important, like it or not. They assist your company in countless areas of law, and in some cases are responsible for large portions of your company income through royalties and the proper execution of contractual agreements. When the season for the holidays comes, don't forget your lawyer. Buy them classic lawyer gifts.

An authentic Lady Justice Statue on marble is a perfect gift for a lawyer. It suits the office or home. These statues feature the symbolic lady justice in all her glory holding the scales of justice. This theme is central to law and our legal system.

You'll find them at This store has an entire section of gifts suited for the legal professional. From desk sets, to bookends, to business card cases. These gifts all feature the scales of justice or lady justice. They are an incredible gift idea for the lawyer or new law school graduate.

Learn more about lawyers.

Executive Gift Idea: Globe Bookends

Executive are hard to shop for, that is why when you start to shop for them you need to stick to things that are well-known and recognizable but very nice. Globe bookends are one of those things. They are decorative, and display well on any desktop. They are also worldly and interesting. Everyone enjoys a world globe for some reason or another, it is like having the world at your fingertips, literally.

There are excellent globe bookends made just for CEOs like the CEO bookends with gold plated trim and a solid wood base. Or, choose any other gemstone globe bookend by Alexander Kalifano. Each is a stunning, hand crafted ornament with individual colored gemstone for the continents. They also have pen stands and other fine accessories as well.

If you need to shop for really great executive gifts, world globes, desk globes and floor globes, this is the place to do it.

Boxing Bull and Boxing Bear Statues

These are classic, fun and humorous stock broker gifts. The Boxing Bull and Boxing Bear Statues feature the famous symbols of economic freedom in boxing shorts and gloves. It is a parody on the constant battle these two driving market forces go through each and every day on Wall Street. The bull and bear may not really settle their difference in the ring, but at least your broker can have a little bit of fun with the idea.

If you work in the office that can stand a little levity this is an excellent choice. It will lighten the mood and take a humorous look at the bull and bear struggle for once. The funny stock broker gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most hardened investor.

Order the Boxing Bull and Boxing Bear Statues today and then take a look at the other investor gift ideas available. From more statues to desk sets, bookends, pens and card cases.

Best Bull Statues for Executives on Wall Street

Executives on Wall Street all respect the bull. This mythical figure is a symbol of the free markets, progress and enthusiasm for capitalism. It is no wonder then that the most popular gift for Wall Street executives is the bull statue.

Bull statues imbibe all the best qualities of the robust economy. They symbolize aggression, fearlessness and power as well, two things that every exec must possess. These statues have long been given as awards to stock brokers, advisers and analysts. The tradition continues today. Even in bear markets these gifts are cherished.

So, where do you find the best bull statues? Online stores offer a wide range of choices in high quality materials like cast resins or metals. They come on solid wood or marble bases too.

Consider this charging bull statue, or the classic Wall Street Bull Statue. Both are excellent stock broker gifts. There are many more too. Funny, serious, or elegant and antique styles are out there.

Check out these and other stock market sculptures today. They are fighting symbols of the market

Glass Globes are a Wonderful Executive Gift

Have a special occasion coming up at the office? Maybe a retirement party, or a colleague receiving a special award. If so, a gift is in order. It is always nice to give executives gifts when called for. This is just part of corporate culture.

Glass globes are one of the nicest gifts for executives. The reason is multi-faceted. First of all, the globes represent our blooming global economy. Second, they indicate and symbolize a global view of politics, and business, something a successful CEO must posses.

Glass globes also come in several styles, so there is one suitable for your special exec. Find one that matches their personals style today, along with more fine executive gifts.

Read more on the global economic crisis.

Gemstone Globes are Excellent Executive Gifts

Every executive has their own personal style and taste. But most agree on what is stylish and suitable for the office. It is part of the sensibilities that make them effective as managers. One of the things they all agree on is the gemstone globe as an office gift.

These globes are made from high quality gemstone in multiple colors. Each is crafted with care to form a globe of the world. Usually set on a solid, Gold layered base, they add a colorful but prominent and authentic decoration to the office.

The most popular gemstone globes by far are made by Alexander Kalifano. These hand made classics are among the most sought after and considered the most respectable in the industry. The popular manufacturer also makes desk accessories like pen stands, and globe bookends. All are perfect for the executive.

See more Alexander Kalinfano gemstone globes, bookends and decor at

Bull Bear Bookends for Stockbrokers

These stock broker gifts are a great accessory for any Wall Street office. Not only do they represent the markets, they cater to an investors style. Each comes with the bull and bear in a cast sculpture mounted on a solid base.

Choose from gold, chrome or antiqued finishes. See bull bear bookends are offered in a range of styles.

Place these fine accents on a desk and turn it immediately from boring to the hub of a market savvy office.

Engrave them with your stock broker's name or company logo. They are perfect stockbroker gifts or awards. For the office party, or as a special gift for the broker who has all the best stock tips.

These bronze bull bear bookends are exceptional in quality and design. Each one makes an ideal broker gift idea or decoration for your own office. Order them today!

Black Leather Cigar Case as a Retirement Gift

If you want a fancy retirement gift or gift for a career milestone, then consider the Black Leather Cigar Case. These cigar cases come in 2 and 3 cigar cases. Made with rich, premium leather they make a striking presentation. Each is finely crafted and outfitted with a two-piece sliding case design that keeps cigars fresh.

The black leather cigar case is usually given as a token of appreciation as a groomsmen gift, but it is also a thoughtful gift for executives who enjoy cigar smoking.

If you purchase this item be sure to make it special. Buy only premium leather and consider upping the ante to a handmade Italian leather cigar case. This is something that will really be appreciated by an executive.