Top Three Wedding Cake Toppers

Hosting a wedding this year? Don't forget the best part. Choosing a cake topper really tops off the celebration, one of the sweetest moments of the occasion. Of course, this brings some challenges too. Some couples want something that is fun, humorous and engaging, others a more sophisticated and elegant piece, that serves as a reminder of their special day.

So, when choosing the best cake toppers for this year, we considered both angles and points of view. Here is a selection of great ideas for everyone. No matter what you enjoy or how you view this part of the reception, these will definitely put the right cap on your event.

Football cake tops are great for athletic couples and those that enjoy sports but they are not for everyone. In fact, if you are looking for something a little more elegant and unique, why settle for this? Though they are very popular, it is hard to say they are the best.

When compared to this truly romantic option it doesn't compare. The contemporary dove cake topper really makes your event shine.

Top Wedding Bar Flasks for Groomsmen

If you're getting married soon, there's plenty to think about. The Tux, your honeymoon plans, the DJ, food and whatever else your wife put you in charge of. But there are a few traditions you simply can't forget about.

Grooms always have a best man and groomsmen to help during this occasion. There are probably your close friends, relatives and brothers and each deserves a token of appreciation after wards. Traditionally, this gift of appreciation to groomsmen is a flask or another piece of bar ware. Seeing as you probably don't own a flask, and have never bought one before, you may be wondering where to find one. These are the top wedding flasks for groomsmen and the best man.

Bar Flasks come in all shapes and sizes. But the most common for groomsmen includes the stainless steel and leather variety. This is a combination of the finest materials and will last forever. These flasks can also be engraved, but if you want to emphasize the engraving, opt for this stainless steel flask without the leather cover. This will preserve the engraving longer.

If you like the look of leather and want to get a little fancier, try this 8 oz. flask with honey hide leather click here.

The flask and cigar tube set is another classic groomsmen gift idea. It's another combination of two great accessories and perfect for the wedding atmosphere.

If you want to be more traditional in your approach, this pewter flask is a great choice. Made of real pewter its designed to be just slightly more classic in design.

There are many more options. The one you choose will depend on your tastes. Take a look at the golf tee holder and flask sets for golfing groomsmen, or thermos flask sets and wallet flasks as well.

Corporate Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

This year, give something special to your employees, boss or coworker. A corporate Christmas gift basket is one of those great ideas. It contains only the things that you want to give. This makes the gift really special and unique. All the items in the basket can be engraved, and you don't need to actually give a basket that holds the items. Instead, you can simply package them together or give them as a set.

Corporate Desk Sets - These make the best corporate gift baskets for Christmas, Secretary's day or any other occasion. That's because they are office related and will be used at work or at home. They are a symbol of respect and achievement as well. Giving someone a desk set says, "You've arrived!". It's a gift of appreciation that will last quite a long time. See our Corporate Gifts

Choose a handmade leather desk set by Dacasso, or one of the many marble, wood or glass desk sets available from other top vendors. They really say success in so many ways. Each comes pre-packaged inside of a custom box as well for easier gift giving. That's your corporate gift basket right there!

Wine Gift Sets and Bar Ware - Another fine choice for a corporate gift basket is the wine set, or bar ware collection. There's many ways to go about this choice. You can pick and choose separate pieces of bar ware like corkscrews, wine openers, and even martini shakers. Or, you can purchase the set together as one item. Either way, this is another option to the traditional corporate Christmas gift basket.

Getting them engraved. This is a great idea but plan ahead. Leave an additional week or two to have your item custom engraved. It may take longer in some cases. At most stores, the engraving is free, but sometimes an additional cost is required.

Bar Ware is a Classic Gift

Bar ware is becoming a popular gift choice, especially in corporate offices. It has long been a tradition at weddings, but recently that has spilled over into the workplace.

Bar ware like coasters, wine glasses and wine gift baskets are considered in great taste, but the reason they are more popular now might be due to their quality. One store manager, who sells these items said that people like to receive things like this because they can tell they are well made. They may not even drink very often, as drinking is not in fashion like it once was. However, the item still is a great gift. It's a socially acceptable, sophisticated gift idea and it makes people feel good.

These items are often engraved with a name and date, which makes them more special and individual. That also makes the gift more appealing.

In addition, the items are typically made with real marble, crystal or leather. Things like that are hard to come by today because bog box stores have stripped all the expensive parts and accessories from the items they sell in order to reduce the price and sell in volume.

When you purchase a piece of bar ware, these added touches are included. Now, they are considered a luxury. Even the stainless steel bar tool sets, with real stainless and heavy duty construction are very superior to the items you find in a retail outlet. Just holding them and using them you can tell they are better made.

Some of the more popular bar ware gifts include metal coasters, wine boxes and crystal wine decanters. See a wine console and bar ware gifts here.

Travel Mugs and Coffee Warmers

A heated travel mug is always appreciated as a gift for commuters and travelers, because it is something that is so useful. We offer several of these mugs which are among the most popular sold today. They include USB travel mugs, portable car coffee mugs, and can coolers and warmers.

Try the Digital Heated Travel Mug, a new, Smart Mug with LED panel that displays your drink's temperature. Just set this 16 oz mug to a comfortable temperature between 85 and 160 degrees with the easy to read LED display, which comes with a 12V car adapter. Keep your soda and beer ice cold and ready to drink with the electronic can coolers. Either one makes an excellent gift idea for dad, especially if he commutes to work.

Another idea is the USB Coffee Mug. This handy, portable travel mug heats coffee, makes tea and keeps all hot drinks hot. It plugs into a USB port and has a car AC adapter so you can take it from the car to work. Plug the USB cord into the computer and it'll heat your drink at your desk.

There are several great travel mugs, can coolers and other devices that make excellent gifts for commuters and travelers right here. Buy them all at an affordable price.

Decorating Small Rooms and Spaces

It might seem impossible to decorate a small room or limited living space because everything you want just won't fit, literally. However, there are several ways to get the decor and look you want in a very small space.

The first is to simply downsize everything you want and need in that room. This includes tables, desks, even chairs. Instead of a big coffee table, look for end tables, nightstands or just install mounted shelves.

If you need a desk or bureau, there are ways to add them without taking up space. For instance, a mounted desk, one that mounts to your wall, takes up much less room that a standard floor desk of the same size. That’s because the desk legs take up space and sometimes extend beyond the edge of the desk top. Mounting it to the wall not only saves a few precious inches on each side, it frees up the underneath area for a small wastebasket, boxes or anything else.

You can still mount a desktop and be decorative if that’s what you want. Try this small metal desk, which is perfect for limited spaces and small rooms.

It will also help to get creative and make use of dual function items. Folding bars can reduce their size by up to 50%, going from 59 inches wide down to 26 inches or less in some cases. Storage bins that stack will also get some of the clutter up off the ground and organize the closet so you have more floor space to work with.

Follow all thees tricks and your small room will start to feel a little more important, and a bit bigger.

Start shopping for home decor now.