Using Oversized Wall Clocks

Maybe one of the most overlooked areas of decorating is the outdoors. Why? Most of it is done indoors because that is where most people spend all their time. However you can decorate an outdoor living space like a patio or deck with some of the most popular and unique decorations.

The easiest way to add a lot of atmosphere to your pool area or flower garden is with an oversized wall clock. These decorations are functional and create a direct point of interest. They are made in hundreds of styles and feature high quality designs.

The best way to go about using them is to first assess the area you are going to decorate. What is the theme of this area? What comes to mind when you sit here? Do you think about classical things or is it a modern Zen garden? Whatever it is there is an oversized clock made just for that feeling.

Maybe the area has no theme and no decorations. In that case you can choose your theme. A large wall clock is a great way to start something new. That's because they always become the center of interest. So, choose anything that seems to fit the area but don't limit yourself, no matter which clock you choose it will strike a chord with guests.

Find the most unique and decorative oversized clocks online or in your favorite store. They are an easy way to add a lot of atmosphere to your outdoor sitting areas.

Check out more clocks and home decor and

Choosing the Best Cake Tops, Monogram and More

New article that features a great way to select your favorite types of cake toppers, from figurines to monogram cake tops!

One of the best parts of decorating for your reception is putting on the cake topper! It's one moment that really puts an exclamation point on the entire party.

It is even more fun when you have personalized wedding cake toppers you really like. The most popular of course is the monogram wedding cake topper.

These are a great way to put your own personal mark on your reception. It is something everyone will recognize and they go with nearly any kind of cake.

If you want the you need to look in the wedding outlets online. There you will find a big selection of the best monogram cake toppers. They come in all sorts of finishes and they are designed for every type of occasion.

Choose one that matches your surrounding decor. If you are creating an elegant scene buy one that has added accents, jewels or looks modern and fancy. You can find them in cursive and regular styles too.

You can also go with something a little more romantic like a glass heart wedding cake topper that can be engraved with initials.

Whether you want something that is glitzy or a little more classic, you will find a monogram cake topper to fit the bill. You'll also discover they are inexpensive too.

New post about wedding favors for 2009. Retailer is improving their selection of wedding favors and bringing out new and exciting designs for the Spring.

A new line of wedding favors is coming to online retailer The new line of favors is from one of their major vendors, Fashioncraft and promises to be interesting, fun and exciting for this season's wedding shoppers.

The new line of wedding favors includes a few new twists on old classics and a few altogether new and unique favors. It is notable because some retailers believe this wedding season will be much slower than others due to the economy.

The new line of wedding favors is one way to entice shoppers into buying a few more wedding decorations and supplies. If they see something new they are bound to want to buy more. is already adding the new wedding favors and supplies to its website, along with many other new products from several vendors. The past Christmas season was not as bad as predicted, however it wasn't great. Retailers saw a slight drop in sales overall, but online sales were still strong.

Wedding season is the time when many niche stores that sell only wedding favors and decorations expect big sales. If the economy effects or slows down wedding season it could impact several online retailers.

It is too soon to tell how this coming wedding season will be. One thing newly weds all love to buy is wedding favors, however. They make up the majority of sales for wedding stores, since items are bought for each of the guests. It is also one of the most competitive niche markets in the wedding industry.

Retailer Prompts New 21st Birthday Gifts and Ideas

This new release was added today and it talks about the new personalized and unique 21st birthday gift ideas that a retailer is adding to their store. Makes you want to grab a cold beer!

It's the biggest night of a young person's life... the day they turn 21. It means freedom, real freedom. The ability to go to any bar and finally have a beer, without sneaking in, showing a fake ID or lowering your voice and speaking two octaves lower.

There has been no slow down in celebrating this occasion. Maybe the parties are a little shorter, and some people may not buy as many expensive drinks, but people are still celebrating.

One online retailer is continuing to add products to their special line of birthday gifts just for this occasion.

The retailer sells unique and personalized 21st birthday gifts like shot glasses, beer mugs, coasters and more. Their seeing more traffic to these pages and adding new products to these categories.

The trend to find unique 21st birthday gift ideas hasn't slowed any either. People seem to want to get the most for their money if they are going to spend any during these slower retail months.

The most popular 21st birthday gifts continue to be personalized beer mugs and custom shot glasses. They are just too fitting for this great occasion and too hard to pass up.

A few of the newest 21st birthday gift ideas the retailer has added include a line of J. Charles drinking glasses, mugs and shot glasses. They are unique, and can be custom engraved with someone's name for free.

There really is only one time in your life when you turn 21, so people want to enjoy it. And getting a few 21st birthday gifts is a great way to do so.

If you want to see more 21st birthday gift ideas just visit They have an excellent selection of birthday gift ideas, wedding and party favors as well as other unique gifts.

Retail Store Enhances Rehearsal Dinner Category

Everyone knows that planning a rehearsal dinner is difficult. Usually it is left to the last minute when you know for sure that all your guests are going to arrive in time for this part of the celebration.

Most couples simply put off buying their rehearsal dinner decorations for too long, so when it comes time to shop for table decorations and supplies for this event, time is limited and they can't find what they need.

Also, they aren't sure about the space where they are holding the rehearsal dinner, so they are unsure what to buy. How many rehearsal dinner favors do we need? What kind of catering should we hire? All of these problems add up when planning your rehearsal dinner party. That is why one retailer is making this event easy to decorate for.

Wedding retailer has updated its site to include a new section for rehearsal dinner decorations, favors and supplies.

The new category is going to feature everything you need to plan for this event in easy to find categories, arranged by item. It's one way couples can save time while gathering up decorations for their wedding rehearsal.

The wedding rehearsal dinner decorations and wedding favors are also priced low, so couples can save money as well. "Planning for the rehearsal dinner is not easy, so hopefully this will give planners and couples a better chance of making it work," Janet Foran who works at the store said.

It is not unusual for couples to wait until the last minute, but now if they do at least they will have a better way to find rehearsal dinner decorations faster and at less expense.

A great release about new rehearsal dinner decorations and supplies that are easy to shop for and easy to buy! Makes planning for the all-important rehearsal much simpler.

Cassiani Wedding Favors for 2009

A well known wedding manufacturer released a line of unique wedding favors today. The new favors include a low of new designs never seen before. These items are designed to give consumers a better selection and more choices in 2009.

Cassiani is known for their exquisite and decorative place card holders, candle holders and other popular wedding favors. This year the company expanded on their success in this field making more decorative glass wedding favors . The emphasis was on creating something people would be proud to decorate their homes with.

The new favors also include a selection of luggage tags which are very popular. These new wedding favors are a little more upscale than last year's designs. They are high quality and include decorative debossed designs on them. Made from metal, they are more rugged than many favor luggage tags.

Along with their new and unique wedding favors, Cassiani is releasing more wedding decorations and accessories.

Spring 2009 is still going to be a fun and exciting wedding season, no matter what the economy does.

These new wedding favors are excellent for classic wedding ceremonies. Check out all the new wedding accessories and supplies at today!

New Wedding Favors are Unique and Fun

New wedding favors and more from Kate Aspen. This is a new release on the wedding and gift industry.

If unique and different with a quirky sense of humor is your thing, then you will like the new line of wedding favors by Kate Aspen for 2009.

These wedding favors are funny and brand new. They were introduced this month and are being featured at, an online wedding retailer.

Kate Aspen is known for creating the best and most unique wedding favors. They always produce exciting new products and award winning designs. Last year they won an award for their color palettes, which gave customers the option to customize everything so it matched their decor.

This year the company has come out with many new and exciting wedding favors that are certain to please consumers.

A few of the most interesting favors include their soaps and place card holders. They also have many new gel candles which are popular. Take the "Let's Celebrate" champagne flute gel candle, it is a real flute, with champagne colored gel complete in it's own favor box.

They also feature several "With this Ring" wedding favors that feature wedding rings.

These are the most unique wedding favors that have come out so far this year, and said they were proud to offer them.

There are many new and unique wedding favors on this website. Check them all out and buy the best for your wedding party today!

New Ring Bearer Pillows are Coming Down the Aisle

This release is about the new wedding ring pillows that are available for this year. They are a great addition to a growing product line at Read the original release here.

There will more choices for grooms this year as to how their rings come down the aisle.

A new line of ring pillows is introduced at a retailer of fine wedding supplies and accessories. Since the wedding season is fast approaching new accessories are being produced by all the top companies.

This year the online retailer is expanding it's line of unique and custom supplies. They are introducing a new set of ring bearer pillows that is certain to be a hit.

This collection of ring bearer pillows includes elegant and decorative ring pillows. Most of them can be customized as well. Many are available in white or ivory and include accents that come in different colors.

In addition, each one has it's own theme and design. The store is featuring ring bearer pillows in many of the most popular wedding themes like beach, romance and elegance. The custom designs can be applied to many of the themed pillows as well.

The most popular will probably be the beach ring pillows, the store said. It features starfish and other unique beach designs.

Other ring bearer pillowthemes include a few contemporary and modern ring bearer pillows, as well as classical choices. The selection also includes Camelot ring pillows, and popular Calla Lily ring pillows.

You can see more unique ring pillows and other pieces of wedding decor here.
Different types of groomsmen gifts are on the menu at this retail store. They feature new and unique gifts and gift ideas for the grooms' best men. Published today, click here to view release.

PRlog - Feb 03, 2008 - New is in and old is out when it comes to giving traditional groomsmen gifts in 2009, according to one wedding retailer. That's right, to old flask and cuff link set is no longer considered a favorite of groomsmen, not that it ever was.

This year the store has added a few new groomsmen gifts to its line. They are featuring more modern gifts that are a little more useful and fun. It is in response to the slowing economy and the fact that consumers may not interested in spending money on traditional gifts that no one wants to buy.

That has lead the store to update a few of their categories with better accessories, wedding gifts and more useful wedding favors as well.

The new groomsmen gifts include a few fun and exciting ideas like poker chip sets, engraved beer mugs and other things guys like. The store owners say that people will be more apt to buy something they know someone will use, and are likely to drop spending on gifts that are seen as mere traditions.

This is definitely one way to blend the two together and give people more of what they want in these tough economic times.

Many believe this will be a rough retail season for weddings and other sectors, however consumers have surprised analysts in the past. We will have to wait and see if they go for these less traditional and more exciting groomsmen gift ideas.

Take a look at the new groomsmen gifts, and other accessories at this retailer. They include cocktail shakers, money clips, flasks and other great gifts.
This release mentions new decorations that have arrived in time for the Spring season. These wedding decorations include pull bows, pew bows and other aisle decorations as well as sashes and more!


January 20, 2009 (FPRC) -- Retailer is adding a host of new wedding decorations, favors and supplies to its site for the upcoming season. The new addition includes hundreds of new and exciting products and it is one of the stores biggest updates yet.

These new products will be from their major vendors that include Wedding Star and Beverly Clark. These popular companies are creating new supplies and decorations for an up and coming wedding season that could see flat or bleak sales.

One thing that remains popular are the wedding collections. "We sell a lot of those item," said Janet Foran who works for the company. Customers enjoy buying these wedding sets because they are inexpensive and include matching wedding decorations.
Other popular items include new wedding favors by Kathy's Concepts and a few other vendors that the store works with. These include letter cake toppers with real Swarovski crystals and a gazebo gift card holder. This is a popular item similar to the birdcage card holders.

The most exciting thing is seeing new products go online, the store noted. "Each item is unique and hopefully will be very popular," Foran noted.
The economy may prevent some people from buying more wedding decorations and favors this year, but it does not seem to be stopping retailers from giving them more options. It's always better to put more choices on the table and let people decide what they like and what they don't like. That is the tact that this store is choosing to take.

For the past several months the store has been adding new products and now features over 7,000 specialty items, from corporate gifts to unique wedding accessories.

Take a look at these great wedding decorations and supplies. There are hundreds of great options to make your wedding unique and exciting. Check them all out right here. Also offering new and unique wedding gifts, supplies and accessories.
A new press release about Wedding Star and their new items. This features new head pieces, jewelry, wedding veils and other bridal accessories.

January 28, 2009 (FPRC) -- Retailer updated their collection of wedding accessories this past week to include new bridal veils, jewelry, hairpieces and head pieces from popular wedding vendor Wedding Star.

The classic and ornamental wedding veils are priced mid range, and feature soft and standard tulle fabrics with many different kinds of borders and decorations.

The new addition comes just before wedding season and fills a void in their product line. Prior to this the store did not offer any wedding veils or head pieces. They offered many other wedding and bridal accessories including jewelry and other small items. The store will continue to add to their product line for brides as the season progresses.

The new collection is part of their "wedding apparel and accessories" category, under the "jewelry and hair accessories" sub category. The broad category also includes jewelry and embroidered clothes for brides and grooms.

Currently the store also plans to expand their collection of wedding favors to include the new Kate Aspen Spring collection for 2009. This features several unique and witty ideas for guests. The plan is to expand their product line to give this year's soon-to-be newly weds more choices and options. They are also focusing on high quality, and low priced accessories, to meet consumer's demands for lower priced items.

The store is beginning to see more customers as Spring approaches.

The addition of new products like their wedding veils and bridal veils allows the store to reach new consumers and become a complete, one-stop wedding retailer.

They would like to offer as many new products this year as possible. The addition of the bridal veils is just part of their ongoing effort to expand their catalog of accessories.

Shop for wedding veils, wedding headpieces and bridal jewelry today! These are great items and very unique!