Top 5 Housewarming Gifts

A housewarming is a special time. It's when a couple moves in and makes the house into their home. These housewarming gifts put your special two cents in to make the moment even more unique.

The question of what to get as a housewarming gift is always complicated but it doesn't have to be difficult. Stick to these top gift ideas for housewarmings and your gifts will always strike the right chords.

1. Barware is one of the top gifts because it is useful, special and reminds people of a celebration. It's also something people do not want to spend money on themselves, so its the perfect housewarming gift.

2. Wine gifts, wine boxes and wine tools are also fine gifts for the housewarming party. Try a personalized wood wine box, or a designer carbon fiber wine box for modern homes. Serving trays and platters are also special items that the true host and hostess will love.

3. Bookends are a great item for new homes. They are useful just about anywhere. You will find many unique themes from animals to abstract art.

4. Outdoor items are another possibility. Though barbecue tools are a little too common, something like an outdoor bucket cooler, soft cooler or radio is unique and fun.

5. Picture frames are always welcome. You can never have enough of these. Though it might seem too common, new homeowners will need plenty of them. Buy really nice brass or silver frames and expect to pay around $25 for suitable items.

Client Gifts

New clients are always difficult to find gifts for. After all you just met them. So, how do find, and when do you buy new gifts for clients?

It is not easy to say exactly when you buy a client gift, but anytime your company has set a precedent for this type of action, it is advisable to follow through. Of course, if you are a trendsetter and trying to change your company image, client gifts are the way to go.

There are a few different approaches to buying client gifts. First is to buy something nice, useful but inexpensive like a card case, pen stand or keychain. The other option is to up the ante and buy something a little more unique and desirable like bookends, statues or other fine gifts. For instance, you just landed a new client in financial services, so buy them a pair of bull and bear bookends, or a bull statue. New client in the legal department, consider a lady justice statue.

No matter what you choose, your client gift will always be accepted and appreciated because everyone likes a gift.

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Gifts for Stock Brokers and Investors

The investing community is a large one. From investing houses to brokerages to financial analysts, most of us come in contact with them at some point in time. These people help navigate us through the tricky financial markets.

Finding gifts for stock brokers and investors is equally tricky, maybe not as difficult as choosing that once-in-a-lifetime stock, but still a challenge.

There are several types of accessories, awards and statues that make excellent stock market gifts. They feature the bull and bear, two fabled myths that represent the opposing forces in the market. These items are for the desktop, or shelf. They can be engraved and personalized. Some are used as award at Fortune 500 companies.

They come in many styles from brass to gold, resin cast, and metal cast. Marble bases, wood bases, chrome and other finishes are available as stockbroker gifts.

You will also find stock broker accessories like desk pads, memo holders, pen stands and other fine items. All feature icons of the stock market and make beautiful gifts.

Look into these gifts for stock brokers and investors today. They are well admired and much appreciated.

Finding the Right Corporate Awards

It is not always easy to find the right corporate awards for the office. The award needs to capture your message and reward the right kind of effort and dedication. Every item you buy will have a definite theme and motivation behind it. However, it is up to you to sort out which ones are viable for your company.

There are corporate employee recognition awards tailored to pre-determined themes that are used over and over again at a range of companies around the world. They are common motivational themes that just seem to work well time and time again, no matter what the economy is doing.

Then there are simplistic awards like crystal globes and paperweights which really have no theme. You can engrave your own text and logo on them. What's even better is that these items come at a discount when purchased in bulk, so you save more. Have several engraved and you will never have to wait to have your award presented.

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Golf Gifts for the Executive

If there is one thing most executives agree on, it is that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work! The love of golf is something many top level executives share. In fact, many golf with their favorite clients and business partners. So, it is no wonder that golf gifts hold such a special place in corporate culture.

If you are giving a golf gift, finding one that is original is sometimes a challenge. There are a lot of options out there. Some of the more original golf gifts for executives include golf themed glass globes, and statues.

You will find many golf statues that are original which capture many different aspects of the game. These golf gifts, when engraved are a very special gift that is always remembered.

Have it engraved and it will also make a fine award or motivational gift for the executive.

Best Stock Market Awards

If you work in the financial industry, you know how important motivation is. Awards are a primary way to reward and motivate everyone on your team. You also know that the more relevant the award is, the more effective it is. Maybe you have tried to search for real stock market awards and found little.

Well there are companies who produce these awards which are designed just for the stock market professional. So, where do you find them? This stock market award and recognition plaque is perfect for any investment firm or financial company.

It features a glass plaque and inscription area with a granite base featuring the bull and bear. There are no two better symbols for the market today. Order it now for your corporate function or awards ceremony.