New Spring Wedding Favors

Spring is in full swing, but there is still time to order your Spring wedding favors. We have dozens of Spring wedding favor ideas that will really put the final touch on your event!

Since flowers are always such a brilliant sign of Spring, put them on your favors every way you can. You'll find the flower favors are the best  choice for any Spring wedding. Whether you are having a fancy affair, or a more casual one, flowers like Roses and the Calla Lily will be a big part of it.

Calla Lilies are synonymous with weddings because they represent tradition, and all the ideals of marriage. Take a look at a few of our classic Calla Lily Spring wedding favors today including soaps, candles and new artisan glass dishes. These are very unique, handmade items part of the Murano Art Deco collection, and they hold candies, almonds, or potpourri. They make excellent Spring favors.

Another Calla Lily choice is the heart and Calla Lily candle holders made of white ceramic. These are perfect for Spring and they accent your tables with just a small decoration. These favors are ideal for any type of ceremony.

Another option is our floating candles, which are ideal for indoor and outdoor ceremonies. These floating candles provide a truly elegant decoration for your tables. They complement the Vine Glass Shades decorated with cherry blossoms, another excellent choice for Spring.

Other pertinent Spring wedding favors include topiary place card holders, rose accented compact mirrors for the bridesmaids and the glass heart candles. All of them are an exceptional choice for your celebration.

Get all your Spring wedding favors now to start planning your big event. If your wedding is in the Summer, many of these Springtime favorites will still be a great fit. Or, start searching for the summer favors now.

Creating the Perfect Spring Wedding

If you are having a Spring wedding, there are a few ways to make it stand out as one of the most original and perfectly decorated for this season. Known for blooming flowers, and romance, Spring brings to mind so many thematic ideas like flowers, bees, floral patterns and more. Where to begin?

One of the most traditional wedding flowers is the Calla Lily. This flower is reputed as a symbol of love and faith, two special emotions weddings celebrate. It's also a symbol of Spring, since it blooms in springtime. So, if you want to make your wedding completely Spring themed, focus on this flower first.

There are many types of Calla Lily decorations including guest books, pen stands, cake server sets and more. Anything you use at your wedding you will find in the Calla Lily theme. There are also complete sets of matching accessories with Calla Lily accents. Choosing one of these sets makes coordinating your items a breeze. Since each one has the same design, you'll be able to present a consistent theme, one of the most important parts of wedding decorating.

Other ideas include using flowers most closely related to Spring like Roses, Tulips or other seasonal blooms. You can add these to your guest tables in vases filled with Springtime colored beads, or water lights for atmosphere.

If you are hosting a large banquet wedding, why not install a gazebo with flower garlands from a local flower shop? This is often associated with Spring and since it is so large, it will really give your event a special feel and atmosphere. Guests associate gazebos with easy Spring nights, birds and other symbols of the season.

Complete the decorating by choosing great Spring wedding favors including practical choices guests can use in the kitchen, flower themed items like candles to scented soap and if you serve mints or Jordan Almonds, why not serve them in a themed mint tin decorated with flowers, the color green or another Spring theme?

Even the smallest details will add to your ceremony and reception so don't leave anything out. You'll find our favors organized by season for easier selections. Find items that make your event stand out as an example of the Spring season today!

Top 3 Office Decorating Ideas and Tips

Your office is your kingdom, and a place where you handle many of the issues that will affect your career. It's a place where you spend lots of time, meet with peers and clients and build a reputation for yourself. So, your decor should match your style and be part of your professionalism.

Selecting office decor isn't particularly easy, but it doesn't have to be extremely difficult either. There are a few ground rules to follow. First be aware of your surroundings, making your office into something that doesn't fit the culture of your company isn't a great idea, but making it too dull and boring defeats the purpose of decorating altogether. A good office will be well outfitted with essential office supplies and desk accessories but tastefully done, each complementing the other.

Here's a few tips to decorating your office the right way.

1. Decorate your office to your level in the company. It won't make sense for a new executive to outfit thier office with fine El Casco desk accessories, if upper level management does not do the same. One or two nice desk accessories is OK, it gives the office appeal and you deserve a few luxury accessories to make it look professional. Upper level management, CEOs and Vice Presidents should consider nicer desk accessories finished in Gold or Silver. El Casco makes superior items that are imported and hand made in Spain. They are beautiful gifts and great accents on any desk.

2. Decorate your office in a consistent theme when possible. Even if that theme is simple stick to it. If you love golf, add some golf themed items like a golfer statue or pen stand. If you want to make your office look more luxurious, take a look at premium quality desk sets, with pads, pen stands and letter holders finished in leather.

3. Make your office functional first and decorative second. The office is still a place of work so be sure that you don't go overboard while decorating. Keep to simple office accessories like pen stands, paper weights and even statues with pen holders and business card holders. Each one should serve a task-specific purpose while adding a complementing decorative accent.

Top Retirement Gift for Corporate Executives

If you are in charge of finding a gift for a retiring corporate executive you are probably wondering where to start. There may be plenty of ideas floating around in your mind but none have really landed on their feet. Most people wait until the last minute to get something, and that's when they discover that many of their ideas are either out of budget or take too long to ship and personalize.

Here's a few ideas that are very distinctive, personal and perfectly suited for a retirement party or occasion.

El Casco desk accessories are a classic, well-known item respected around the business world. These items are handcrafted in the beautiful Basque Region of Spain. Each part is authentically serial numbered and imported to the US. After an extensive polishing process, these items have a shining luster that represents diligence, dedication and brilliance--all qualities your executive has demonstrated.

There are many to choose from so here is a quick list: eye glass holders, ink blotters and rocker blotters, pencil cups, pencil sharpeners (a classic first introduced in the 1930s and unchanged since then), paperweights and cell phone caddies, for the younger executives.

Whichever you choose these products serve as a token of gratitude for service, an example of how longevity is achieved only through attention to detail, hard work and diligence.

These items are priced from $100 to $300 or more, depending on the size and style of your item. They are available in real 23 KT Gold or chrome silver.

Other options include leather desk sets, desk clocks and fancy pen sets. Don't rule out wine boxes and wine tool sets as well. These are a wonderful choice for those who enjoy wine and are looking forward to a relaxing time in their retirement years.

Managing Office Romance on Valentines Day

So, it is Valentines Day and you want to woo your sweetheart, unfortunately for you she works just two cubicles over and you aren't certain if your bosses will approve of the two of you. That's why you haven't told anyone about the office romance yet. You obviously want to get her a gift for Valentine's Day, however. What do you do?

These problems are common place enough. Many office romances bloom each year and it's kind of easy to see why. You spend half of your waking hours in work, so assuming you aren't dating the girl in your dreams, who else are you likely to get hitched to?

Most companies either approve or disapprove of in the office romances, some think they are great for morale and maybe even feel they are a reason to stay at your present job, reducing turnover, others think they are unprofessional and a distraction. Either way, some estimates state that 40 percent of workers have dated someone in the office. That doesn't mean they have all been open about it with everyone.

So, when Valentine's Day rolls around, should you are your incognito sweetie share gifts in the office? It's always nice to get flowers or a teddy bear at work, it certainly makes the day go by faster. It could be viewed as a distraction however and would certainly blow your cover.

If you feel your boss is going to frown on the office romance, why take a chance, Decide to share gifts outside the office over dinner. It's a simple solution with no real downside, except if someone else sends you sweetheart a gift! This aside, playing it safe might be the best solution.

If you want to give gifts in the office and know your boss won't mind still send something practical, thoughtful and romantic. A crystal gift like a paperweight with a special message engraved on it is a great idea. This is both appropriate and special, because your words will be private enough and she'll appreciate them.

Another option is to buy something romance-neutral like a wine gift box or a fancy paperweight or desk accessories. It shows thought, and is fancy enough to be considered a romantic gift but it's not overly racy or too-cuddly like a teddy bear might be.

As is usually the case in work, keeping things on the low-key side always is in your best interest but you can't skip the Valentines Day gift all together. Make a few compromises in tune with your company's expectations and you'll make it through this holiday just fine.

Top Gifts for Stock Brokers

If you have a great stock broker who you want to reward for their hard work, it takes a great gift to do so. There are many different types of gifts for stock brokers and financial analysts but few carry the weight and momentum that these do. They are the 'creme de la creme' of the stock market gifts, and they are easy to find when you know where to look.

1. Wall Street Bull Statue. This is the penultimate gift for a stock broker. It's so ingrained in the culture of finance that it is hard to believe that anything else but this gift is the best. Since you can't unseat it as anything but the number one stock broker gift, it pays dividends to follow suit and give this to your broker. If they already have a couple of these, it makes sense to look elsewhere for some other intriguing ideas that might score big returns with your investment advisor. So, we'll give you a few more to consider.

2. Business Card Holders with Wall Street bull and bear symbols are another classic and something your broker might not have. Simple, elegant but useful, they'll earn a healthy return of thanks and appreciation. These items are easy to engrave as well. You can add your broker's name, or firm's name. Give this to your new stock brokers as gifts with your investment house name on them. It's a great promotional item as well.

3. Cigar Cutters, Ashtrays and Humidors. What broker doesn't appreciate a good cigar after a great day trading stocks? You'll find an array of cigar accessories that make excellent stock broker gifts. From Gold layered cigar cutters, to cedar lined humidors, this is a classic gift that is not Bull or Bear themed but is always appreciated. Just don't buy them a single cigar, this is a traditional gift given to brokers after companies let them go!

4. Wall Decor is another great idea for a stock broker gift. Since they are working so hard, they may not have time to decorate their office. Give them a unique historic map of Paris, from Authentic Models, or a world map trimmed in gold foil and hand painted. These are elegant gifts your broker will really appreciate.

There are gifts for stock brokers out there like airplane models, desk globes, plaques and other feature items. The above suit most any broker and client, or firm to broker gift giving situation. Take a look at all of our great gifts on our website today.

Remember, we are always available to complete corporate orders and large volume orders at a discounted price.

Top Large Business Promotions and Corporate Giveaways

If you work for a large business, Fortune 500 company, or a large, national car dealership you know how important customer retention and loyalty is. With all those marketing dollars being spent, it is important to make sure that your investment in promotional products, giveaways and other "ground level" marketing efforts are giving your company a good return on investment.

There has always been a premium placed on those simple, inexpensive objects that have huge returns on your investment. While hard to track with computers, there is no question that promotional items have some value. They form an immediate bond with customers and they  give you great exposure. Simply put, people love free stuff and they appreciate those who offer things they can use.

With that in mind, these are among the best large business promotions, giveaways and gifts to clients, customers and employees you will find.

1. Key Chains. Why waste any time getting to what might be one of the most popular and effective of all time? Keychains are a great promotional item for several reasons. First of all everyone can use and second of all, they last a long time. Not lost on any marketing manager, they are inexpensive as well. However, there's a lot to be said for the type of keychain you give to customers and its effectiveness. The more you spend on the keychain, the more likely people are to swap their old one for yours. Versatility is also a key ingredient here. Valet keychains tend to be more useful since they have a detachable ring and they organize several sets of keys. 

2. Paperweights are a close second. Also very useful, they are even easier to put in use. You can never have too many of these. What's more, they sit right on the desktop where decision makers buy their products. It helps to have your name here. Unlike keychains, these products are used in the office, and seen by more professionals through out the day.

3. Globes and statues are another top promotional item. They also last quite a long time and are very visible. These items are more expensive, however. The additional cost will pay off, especially if you are trying to reach bigger clients, finance professionals and others where a simple key chain simply would not make an impression.

4. Desk Accessories like business card holders, pen stands and other office items are another option that pays high dividends. They also sit on the decision maker's desk top, so your company name will be right there when they pick up the phone to make an order.

5. Pens are a great choice, even simple ball point pens because they are so inexpensive and you can produce so many of them. Though they might seem insiginificant, any branding effort is never wasted when the object is used daily. What you'll lose in longevity, you might gain in numbers. Make your pens more expensive, for instance, engrave your company name on silver ball or roller pens, and hand them out to executives to make a better impression. These pens last longer and your clients will be sure not to lose them.

Other great ideas include mugs, shot glasses, beer glasses and wine glasses for beverage companies, entertainment companies, and golf clubs. Novelty items like desktop dartboards, games like domino sets, and other items of this nature.

Find the best promotional gifts for large businesses and make your marketing efforts more effective.

Is Gift Giving Healthy Psychology?

Some experts say that the act of giving a gift is a healthy psychological event. As one psychology professor from Harvard noted in a recent NY Times article, gift giving makes an important connection with family members. It helps you think about what people enjoy and it represents an important part of your relationship.

Gifts can be large, fancy, simple or small.

Of course, it is simple human nature to want to give those you love a gift, and it isn't something you should put off just because of financial concerns. There are plenty of small gifts you can give to someone that will give you the same feeling and well-being. Cost should factor into the decision because the amount of money you save by not giving gifts might be offset by what you miss out when giving the gift.

Good gifts cater to the recipient's interests.
A few good small gift ideas include crystal globes, which can cost as little as $20. These can be engraved with a personal quote, which makes them all the more meaningful and special.

Other small gift ideas include world globe bottle stoppers, gemstone pens and even glass or marble coasters. When choosing the gift, make sure they connect with an interest that person has and maybe likes to share with you or other people. Even if that interest is smoking cigars, you'll find gifts that make excellent choices like ashtrays, cigar cutters and humidors. They range in price from $20 to $200 or more for those big occasions.

Let's not forget about how important corporate gifts are. These gifts should not be overlooked just to save a few bucks. The relationships you are building and traditions you are partaking in can help define or refine your career leading to much more lucrative possibilities down the road.

The most important thing to consider is yours and others well-being when you give gifts. It's the reason this tradition has been around for so many thousands of years.

Giving Unique Hand Crafted Favors

Hand crafted favors area unique item that is distinctive and charming. At many weddings where the bride and groom have chosen more authentic decor or a charming setting, this is exactly what the day calls for. But where do you find these favors at a price that is right?

There are large vendors out there that supply these creative and artistic favor ideas. One of the most popular items on sale now are the Murano Glass favors. These handmade glass objects take their inspiration from famous glass objects crafted on the island of Murano of the coast of Venice, Italy. They are striking, colorful objects with swirls of multi-color glass.

All the classic wedding favor ideas are included here from bottle openers and wine stoppers to place card holders. All you need to do is pick your favorite. There are even wine charms available in this line and each year the company comes out with new items.

Right now you'll find heart key chains, heart shaped glass wine charms, and bottle openers. The hand made pedigree and fascinating colors really make a big impression. They're excellent for upscale, casual and destination weddings too.

Take a look at these favor ideas on our site under our practical and bar ware wedding favor ideas. The cost is low and affordable even for really large ceremonies.

Place Card Holders for Baby Showers and Weddings

If you are hosting a wedding or baby shower (or both) place card holders are a great decoration. They are also a fun favor. So, when choosing place card holders for your event make sure to get something that is both a favor and decorative. That saves money and makes great sense. 

For the wedding you'll find a range of options including fairytale and romantic themed place card holders featuring pumpkin carriages, crowns and even frog princes. These are adorable mementos for guests who may also use them as note holders at home. There are Paris themed card holders and Victorian styles as well.

Or, choose a place card holder and frame which holds either a seating card or a picture of the couple. Guests can then use these to hold their favorite photographs from the wedding. 

When the baby shower rolls around you'll find the popular baby bootie place card holders are one of the best choices. Of course, there are more options like baby bottle card holders, and teddy bear designs. Each one is a great keepsake as well and will be used after the event by everyone. 

Card frames are also a great option here as well because guests will want something to hold pictures of your little one. These also come in a variety of designs and baby themes. They are cheap enough to buy for everyone, even if your party is very large. Some cost just a dollar each. 

Be sure to get them with tags attached, this saves lots of time when preparing your table settings.