Top 3 Collage Picture Frames for the Office

The office is a whole new world sometimes when it comes to decor. There are a few things you just have to have on your desk, like pencil cups, memo holders and of course your family pictures. The easiest and sometimes only way to include your entire family on your space-eating desktop of today is to use collage picture frames.

So, what are the best ones to use? Here are the top 5 collage picture frames...

1. Floating Glass Collage Picture Frame - This is an ingenious, space saving collage frame that is perfect for the office because of its modern style and glass border that matches any decor. Perfect for any and all offices.

2. Triple Hinged Wood Collage Frame - Takes us less space than three frames but more than the glass floating frame, and holds three vertical pictures. Ideal for offices that are a little larger.

3. Silver Triple Frame - Great for the office wall, this triple collage picture frame comes in silver finish for a perfect match to modern offices.

Search for more collage picture frames for your home or the office. There are frames in all kinds of styles, with double mattes and metal or wood frames.