Great Office Golf Trophy

If you are hosting an office golf tournament and need a realistic, classic and professional golf trophy to make things more interesting you have some great choices. There are many high quality golf trophies that will inspire your competitors.

First decide what type of tournament you are running. A classic tournament requires a traditional golf trophy. A bronze golf trophy or award is ideal for this kind of event. Choose one that features a golfer in a traditional pose like teeing off, or lining up a putt.

On in particular is an excellent golf trophy. It features a dynamic, lifelike golfer in a tee off pose. Made of bronzed metal, it also has a traditional style. You can engrave that base with your tournament name and date as well as the name of the winner.

This classic golf trophy will forever memorialize your event. It looks amazing on a shelf on in the trophy case.

See this golf trophy and many more right here. This one comes in three sizes for first, second and third place.