The Best Office Golf Gifts

When you work in an office all day you probably spend some of it dreaming about golf. It's one thing most executives share as a common hobby. That is why office golf gifts are so popular. They are fun gifts that everyone enjoys. However, some are better than others.

These are the among the best office golf gifts, the proverbial "chip shot" when it comes to office gift shopping:

Crystal Golf Ball - Use as a paperweight, or engrave as an award. This real crystal golf ball is a great decoration and a fine accent for any desktop. It's ideal for men, women and top executives. It's made by a top awards manufacturing company.

Golf Wine Stopper Set - A classic, with two golf ball wine stoppers and a wine opener corkscrew. This is a classic office golf gift idea. It can also be engraved, so you can personalize several of them and get your shopping done in one day (so you have more time on the links).

Golf Club Pen Stand - A fancy pen stand for the office. This silver golf club driver is really a pen stand with a highest quality writing implement.

Golf Wall Clock - The golf wall clock is made with a high accuracy quartz time piece set into a burlwood base. This is an elegant and useful gift for the office. It's perfect for the upper tier executive or up and coming upstarts.

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