Client Gifts

New clients are always difficult to find gifts for. After all you just met them. So, how do find, and when do you buy new gifts for clients?

It is not easy to say exactly when you buy a client gift, but anytime your company has set a precedent for this type of action, it is advisable to follow through. Of course, if you are a trendsetter and trying to change your company image, client gifts are the way to go.

There are a few different approaches to buying client gifts. First is to buy something nice, useful but inexpensive like a card case, pen stand or keychain. The other option is to up the ante and buy something a little more unique and desirable like bookends, statues or other fine gifts. For instance, you just landed a new client in financial services, so buy them a pair of bull and bear bookends, or a bull statue. New client in the legal department, consider a lady justice statue.

No matter what you choose, your client gift will always be accepted and appreciated because everyone likes a gift.

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