Decorating with Antique Replica Nautical Furniture

Your house is your kingdom and the way it's decorated says a lot about you and your interests. So, if you have an interest in nautical decorations, add some authentic nautical furniture to your rooms.

These pieces of furniture are made with nautical items and they capture the essence or maritime spirit. They include everything from brass porthole mirrors, to authentic nautical antique furniture like the ships porthole cabinet from Authentic Models.

These furniture pieces create a real atmosphere because they are such an important part of the room. Many are very authentic in nature as well. For instance, the nautical sailor footlocker by Authentic models is made just like original sailor chests built centuries ago. They include dove tail corners and rope handles for added realism. These are considered authentic antique replicas because they are so accurately depicted.

Much more durable and useful than real antique nautical furniture, which is extremely hard to come by and very expensive if you do find it, they will become a part of your everyday life.

The nautical furniture is used just like any other piece in your home it just has that added sense of maritime adventure. Combine pieces like porthole mirrors with sailor chests or distribute them throughout your home for a consistent theme. Just one small item changes the entire look of the room and adds a new atmosphere.

These pieces are great for young and old, in the den, or kid's room. Not only will you have a genuine relic from ages past, you'll have a functional piece of designer furniture with a little bit of historical context. Even if you only have a few maritime pictures or anchor wall paper, these pieces fit right in and become a vintage part of your decor.

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