Different types of groomsmen gifts are on the menu at this retail store. They feature new and unique gifts and gift ideas for the grooms' best men. Published today, click here to view release.

PRlog - Feb 03, 2008 - New is in and old is out when it comes to giving traditional groomsmen gifts in 2009, according to one wedding retailer. That's right, to old flask and cuff link set is no longer considered a favorite of groomsmen, not that it ever was.

This year the store has added a few new groomsmen gifts to its line. They are featuring more modern gifts that are a little more useful and fun. It is in response to the slowing economy and the fact that consumers may not interested in spending money on traditional gifts that no one wants to buy.

That has lead the store to update a few of their categories with better accessories, wedding gifts and more useful wedding favors as well.

The new groomsmen gifts include a few fun and exciting ideas like poker chip sets, engraved beer mugs and other things guys like. The store owners say that people will be more apt to buy something they know someone will use, and are likely to drop spending on gifts that are seen as mere traditions.

This is definitely one way to blend the two together and give people more of what they want in these tough economic times.

Many believe this will be a rough retail season for weddings and other sectors, however consumers have surprised analysts in the past. We will have to wait and see if they go for these less traditional and more exciting groomsmen gift ideas.

Take a look at the new groomsmen gifts, and other accessories at this retailer. They include cocktail shakers, money clips, flasks and other great gifts.