Choosing the Best Cake Tops, Monogram and More

New article that features a great way to select your favorite types of cake toppers, from figurines to monogram cake tops!

One of the best parts of decorating for your reception is putting on the cake topper! It's one moment that really puts an exclamation point on the entire party.

It is even more fun when you have personalized wedding cake toppers you really like. The most popular of course is the monogram wedding cake topper.

These are a great way to put your own personal mark on your reception. It is something everyone will recognize and they go with nearly any kind of cake.

If you want the you need to look in the wedding outlets online. There you will find a big selection of the best monogram cake toppers. They come in all sorts of finishes and they are designed for every type of occasion.

Choose one that matches your surrounding decor. If you are creating an elegant scene buy one that has added accents, jewels or looks modern and fancy. You can find them in cursive and regular styles too.

You can also go with something a little more romantic like a glass heart wedding cake topper that can be engraved with initials.

Whether you want something that is glitzy or a little more classic, you will find a monogram cake topper to fit the bill. You'll also discover they are inexpensive too.