Best Bull Statues for Executives on Wall Street

Executives on Wall Street all respect the bull. This mythical figure is a symbol of the free markets, progress and enthusiasm for capitalism. It is no wonder then that the most popular gift for Wall Street executives is the bull statue.

Bull statues imbibe all the best qualities of the robust economy. They symbolize aggression, fearlessness and power as well, two things that every exec must possess. These statues have long been given as awards to stock brokers, advisers and analysts. The tradition continues today. Even in bear markets these gifts are cherished.

So, where do you find the best bull statues? Online stores offer a wide range of choices in high quality materials like cast resins or metals. They come on solid wood or marble bases too.

Consider this charging bull statue, or the classic Wall Street Bull Statue. Both are excellent stock broker gifts. There are many more too. Funny, serious, or elegant and antique styles are out there.

Check out these and other stock market sculptures today. They are fighting symbols of the market