Boxing Bull and Boxing Bear Statues

These are classic, fun and humorous stock broker gifts. The Boxing Bull and Boxing Bear Statues feature the famous symbols of economic freedom in boxing shorts and gloves. It is a parody on the constant battle these two driving market forces go through each and every day on Wall Street. The bull and bear may not really settle their difference in the ring, but at least your broker can have a little bit of fun with the idea.

If you work in the office that can stand a little levity this is an excellent choice. It will lighten the mood and take a humorous look at the bull and bear struggle for once. The funny stock broker gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile to even the most hardened investor.

Order the Boxing Bull and Boxing Bear Statues today and then take a look at the other investor gift ideas available. From more statues to desk sets, bookends, pens and card cases.