Decorating Small Rooms and Spaces

It might seem impossible to decorate a small room or limited living space because everything you want just won't fit, literally. However, there are several ways to get the decor and look you want in a very small space.

The first is to simply downsize everything you want and need in that room. This includes tables, desks, even chairs. Instead of a big coffee table, look for end tables, nightstands or just install mounted shelves.

If you need a desk or bureau, there are ways to add them without taking up space. For instance, a mounted desk, one that mounts to your wall, takes up much less room that a standard floor desk of the same size. That’s because the desk legs take up space and sometimes extend beyond the edge of the desk top. Mounting it to the wall not only saves a few precious inches on each side, it frees up the underneath area for a small wastebasket, boxes or anything else.

You can still mount a desktop and be decorative if that’s what you want. Try this small metal desk, which is perfect for limited spaces and small rooms.

It will also help to get creative and make use of dual function items. Folding bars can reduce their size by up to 50%, going from 59 inches wide down to 26 inches or less in some cases. Storage bins that stack will also get some of the clutter up off the ground and organize the closet so you have more floor space to work with.

Follow all thees tricks and your small room will start to feel a little more important, and a bit bigger.

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