Corporate Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

This year, give something special to your employees, boss or coworker. A corporate Christmas gift basket is one of those great ideas. It contains only the things that you want to give. This makes the gift really special and unique. All the items in the basket can be engraved, and you don't need to actually give a basket that holds the items. Instead, you can simply package them together or give them as a set.

Corporate Desk Sets - These make the best corporate gift baskets for Christmas, Secretary's day or any other occasion. That's because they are office related and will be used at work or at home. They are a symbol of respect and achievement as well. Giving someone a desk set says, "You've arrived!". It's a gift of appreciation that will last quite a long time. See our Corporate Gifts

Choose a handmade leather desk set by Dacasso, or one of the many marble, wood or glass desk sets available from other top vendors. They really say success in so many ways. Each comes pre-packaged inside of a custom box as well for easier gift giving. That's your corporate gift basket right there!

Wine Gift Sets and Bar Ware - Another fine choice for a corporate gift basket is the wine set, or bar ware collection. There's many ways to go about this choice. You can pick and choose separate pieces of bar ware like corkscrews, wine openers, and even martini shakers. Or, you can purchase the set together as one item. Either way, this is another option to the traditional corporate Christmas gift basket.

Getting them engraved. This is a great idea but plan ahead. Leave an additional week or two to have your item custom engraved. It may take longer in some cases. At most stores, the engraving is free, but sometimes an additional cost is required.