Client Gifts for the Holidays

“So, this is Christmas...” the song says, and in your world the next line should be “and what should I get” What should you get your clients for Christmas and the holidays, that is. If that’s you, if your world is about making connections, selling yourself and sealing the deal, then this is your store.

We have a big selection of really good client gifts earning recognition on people’s desks (yes, people actually use and keep them). These are those neat gifts you probably have noticed on the desks of the big wigs you’re trying to woo over to your side.

These aren’t bobble heads, or cheesy coffee mugs with insta-print-slogans slapped on the side. These are high quality crystal items made by the same people who craft the Tony Awards and Golden Globes.

These are real crystal office desk clocks, world globes and clock pen stands. They are real gold layered, hand polished accessories from El Casco, and handmade leather desk sets by Dacasso. There are also more traditional items like gold cigar cutters, cigar holders and cases, pen stands and perpetual calendars. If you think a new bull sculpture or bull and bear themed globes, statues and accessories are a better option, you’re probably right. Those are here too.

If you are a law firm or looking for gifts to a lawyer, you can choose from any range of legal themed items including Lady Justice Statues, desk accessories and more. The same goes for the financial industry. Bull statues are an excellent client gift idea for any in the financial arena. Client gifts don’t have to be boring or routine. A colorful gemstone globe bookend, or pen stand will really stand out, for instance, and the same goes for crystal clocks, Gold accessories and other similar items.

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