Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

This is the time of year when everyone starts giving corporate gifts. Corporate holiday gift giving is expected to rise this year, as companies are finding more opportunities in a growing economy and the fear of the recession is over. So, how do you bullet proof your shopping list this year? By finding better corporate gifts that will always make a good impression.

Keep it simple this year. The recession is over but fear of another one hasn't quite left the building. Don't go overboard with gifts that are too expensive, because it could make you look too optimistic. However, if your company and its higher ups do expect expensive gifts, find some that are office related, and grounded in practicality like El Casco's gold office accessories. They include gold inkwells, pencil sharpeners and other novelty desk accessories from a bygone era, when thins weren't so heady.

Another choice that is perfect in any decade (and every decade to follow until infinity is the Perpetual Calendar. This is one of the most popular office gifts, and if your office hasn't seen one yet, it's perfect. You'll introduce everyone to this really neat calendar that never needs to be replaced. Just turn the blocks to change the date. It's an excellent corporate gift idea.

There are plenty more suitable gifts this year, like bar ware and wine tools, wine boxes, crystal stemware and even wall decorations. If your feeling nostalgic, you'll also find a large selection of retro clocks and decorations in our wall clocks section.

For the traveling executive our leather tie case, travel clocks and valets are excellent choices.

Always remember to buy nice, corporate holiday gifts. It's not a chance to try and save a penny or two here and there. These gifts are designed to be enjoyed.