Top 5 Gifts for Professionals

Professionals give gifts for a range of events and occasions including career milestones, retirements, birthdays and social occasions. Of course, the main day gift giving is en vogue is Christmas and the holiday season. If you are a professional gifts are part of your career track. Here's some tips and advice to help with finding the right gifts for professionals, and the top 5 professional gifts of all time.

1. Desk Statues - Very popular and always appreciated professional gifts always make a statement and become fixtures in an office. The desk statue can be given as an award, it can be engraved and personalized and, depending on what type of statue you choose, can represent almost anything. Here's a few ideas on which desk statues to buy...

2. Bookends - A great gift for professionals in any area of interest. This gift shows taste and professionalism. There's many choices too. Start with animal bookends like eagle bookends, sharks, dolphin bookends, or be a little more modern and artistic, there are funny, decorative and financial bookends as well. Professionals need items to organize a desktop or shelf at home or in the office.

3. Business Card Cases - Excellent choice for salesmen and executives. This is a little unoriginal, but it is suitable for almost any occasion. Plus, it can be personalized very easily and inexpensively (sometimes for free) so that makes the item unique and personal.

4. Pen Sets - Classic gifts for professionals to exchange. This gift is great for collectors or anyone who appreciates finely made writing instruments. Perfect for the boss, new client or administrator. Great professional gifts for lawyers and doctors too.

5. Desk Sets - This includes desk pads, and complete desk sets. The most sophisticated and generally most appreciated are the handmade leather desk sets by Dacasso. These are premium quality items with leather stretched by hand across the desktop pad. Order them in a complete set, or customize your order by mixing and matching a range of different desktop accessories. There are business card holders, letter openers, paper trays and more.

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