When to Give DIY Office Gifts

Sometimes the urge to get your hands dirty and do it yourself strikes at the oddest moments, like when you are thinking of what to get a friend, or coworker. This is a short guide to help you figure out when to DIY and when not to.

Those DIY gifts are excellent ways to thank a friend who helped you out with an investment of their own time. It shows you are willing to spend some time to thank them for their help. DIY gifts are also perfect for new neighbors, relatives and even step-family members.

However, they may not be suitable for the office, the boss or the executive. Usually, DIY in this case means you ran out of money! But seriously, good do it yourself gifts are ones that people will use in their homes, or hang as art. Painting a picture, framing a photograph, or building a birdhouse are all examples of good DIY gifts.

Giving the boss a hand knit tie, or spice rack is not such a great idea. There are plenty of great executive gifts for the office to choose from that are not DIY projects, though they are hand made. Take the Italian leather desk mats and pads for instance. Or, hand layered El Casco Gold Stapler, paperweights and other accessories.

All are excellent choices for the office gift, and they are handmade too, just not by you.