Top Dollar Dance Song Choices

If you are planning a dollar dance (learn how to do a dollar dance) you'll need a few songs to add to your list.

Choose these favorite dollar dance songs to begin with and then come up with a few of your own. The idea is to keep it light, fun and even ironic. That's the best way to keep everyone interested and dancing at your wedding.

Top Dollar Dance Songs List:

"Hey Big Spender" - Sweet Charity
"Money, Money, Money" - ABBA
"Mony, Mony" performed - Billy Idol
"Ten Cents a Dance" performed by Doris Day
"Money (That's what I want)" - Junior Walker
"Money for Nothing" - Dire Straits
"All You Really Need Is Love" - Brad Paisley or All You Need is Love, by the Beetles
"Amen kind of love" - Daryl Singletary
"Private Dancer" - Tina Turner