Giving Unique Hand Crafted Favors

Hand crafted favors area unique item that is distinctive and charming. At many weddings where the bride and groom have chosen more authentic decor or a charming setting, this is exactly what the day calls for. But where do you find these favors at a price that is right?

There are large vendors out there that supply these creative and artistic favor ideas. One of the most popular items on sale now are the Murano Glass favors. These handmade glass objects take their inspiration from famous glass objects crafted on the island of Murano of the coast of Venice, Italy. They are striking, colorful objects with swirls of multi-color glass.

All the classic wedding favor ideas are included here from bottle openers and wine stoppers to place card holders. All you need to do is pick your favorite. There are even wine charms available in this line and each year the company comes out with new items.

Right now you'll find heart key chains, heart shaped glass wine charms, and bottle openers. The hand made pedigree and fascinating colors really make a big impression. They're excellent for upscale, casual and destination weddings too.

Take a look at these favor ideas on our site under our practical and bar ware wedding favor ideas. The cost is low and affordable even for really large ceremonies.