Is Gift Giving Healthy Psychology?

Some experts say that the act of giving a gift is a healthy psychological event. As one psychology professor from Harvard noted in a recent NY Times article, gift giving makes an important connection with family members. It helps you think about what people enjoy and it represents an important part of your relationship.

Gifts can be large, fancy, simple or small.

Of course, it is simple human nature to want to give those you love a gift, and it isn't something you should put off just because of financial concerns. There are plenty of small gifts you can give to someone that will give you the same feeling and well-being. Cost should factor into the decision because the amount of money you save by not giving gifts might be offset by what you miss out when giving the gift.

Good gifts cater to the recipient's interests.
A few good small gift ideas include crystal globes, which can cost as little as $20. These can be engraved with a personal quote, which makes them all the more meaningful and special.

Other small gift ideas include world globe bottle stoppers, gemstone pens and even glass or marble coasters. When choosing the gift, make sure they connect with an interest that person has and maybe likes to share with you or other people. Even if that interest is smoking cigars, you'll find gifts that make excellent choices like ashtrays, cigar cutters and humidors. They range in price from $20 to $200 or more for those big occasions.

Let's not forget about how important corporate gifts are. These gifts should not be overlooked just to save a few bucks. The relationships you are building and traditions you are partaking in can help define or refine your career leading to much more lucrative possibilities down the road.

The most important thing to consider is yours and others well-being when you give gifts. It's the reason this tradition has been around for so many thousands of years.