Top Large Business Promotions and Corporate Giveaways

If you work for a large business, Fortune 500 company, or a large, national car dealership you know how important customer retention and loyalty is. With all those marketing dollars being spent, it is important to make sure that your investment in promotional products, giveaways and other "ground level" marketing efforts are giving your company a good return on investment.

There has always been a premium placed on those simple, inexpensive objects that have huge returns on your investment. While hard to track with computers, there is no question that promotional items have some value. They form an immediate bond with customers and they  give you great exposure. Simply put, people love free stuff and they appreciate those who offer things they can use.

With that in mind, these are among the best large business promotions, giveaways and gifts to clients, customers and employees you will find.

1. Key Chains. Why waste any time getting to what might be one of the most popular and effective of all time? Keychains are a great promotional item for several reasons. First of all everyone can use and second of all, they last a long time. Not lost on any marketing manager, they are inexpensive as well. However, there's a lot to be said for the type of keychain you give to customers and its effectiveness. The more you spend on the keychain, the more likely people are to swap their old one for yours. Versatility is also a key ingredient here. Valet keychains tend to be more useful since they have a detachable ring and they organize several sets of keys. 

2. Paperweights are a close second. Also very useful, they are even easier to put in use. You can never have too many of these. What's more, they sit right on the desktop where decision makers buy their products. It helps to have your name here. Unlike keychains, these products are used in the office, and seen by more professionals through out the day.

3. Globes and statues are another top promotional item. They also last quite a long time and are very visible. These items are more expensive, however. The additional cost will pay off, especially if you are trying to reach bigger clients, finance professionals and others where a simple key chain simply would not make an impression.

4. Desk Accessories like business card holders, pen stands and other office items are another option that pays high dividends. They also sit on the decision maker's desk top, so your company name will be right there when they pick up the phone to make an order.

5. Pens are a great choice, even simple ball point pens because they are so inexpensive and you can produce so many of them. Though they might seem insiginificant, any branding effort is never wasted when the object is used daily. What you'll lose in longevity, you might gain in numbers. Make your pens more expensive, for instance, engrave your company name on silver ball or roller pens, and hand them out to executives to make a better impression. These pens last longer and your clients will be sure not to lose them.

Other great ideas include mugs, shot glasses, beer glasses and wine glasses for beverage companies, entertainment companies, and golf clubs. Novelty items like desktop dartboards, games like domino sets, and other items of this nature.

Find the best promotional gifts for large businesses and make your marketing efforts more effective.