Managing Office Romance on Valentines Day

So, it is Valentines Day and you want to woo your sweetheart, unfortunately for you she works just two cubicles over and you aren't certain if your bosses will approve of the two of you. That's why you haven't told anyone about the office romance yet. You obviously want to get her a gift for Valentine's Day, however. What do you do?

These problems are common place enough. Many office romances bloom each year and it's kind of easy to see why. You spend half of your waking hours in work, so assuming you aren't dating the girl in your dreams, who else are you likely to get hitched to?

Most companies either approve or disapprove of in the office romances, some think they are great for morale and maybe even feel they are a reason to stay at your present job, reducing turnover, others think they are unprofessional and a distraction. Either way, some estimates state that 40 percent of workers have dated someone in the office. That doesn't mean they have all been open about it with everyone.

So, when Valentine's Day rolls around, should you are your incognito sweetie share gifts in the office? It's always nice to get flowers or a teddy bear at work, it certainly makes the day go by faster. It could be viewed as a distraction however and would certainly blow your cover.

If you feel your boss is going to frown on the office romance, why take a chance, Decide to share gifts outside the office over dinner. It's a simple solution with no real downside, except if someone else sends you sweetheart a gift! This aside, playing it safe might be the best solution.

If you want to give gifts in the office and know your boss won't mind still send something practical, thoughtful and romantic. A crystal gift like a paperweight with a special message engraved on it is a great idea. This is both appropriate and special, because your words will be private enough and she'll appreciate them.

Another option is to buy something romance-neutral like a wine gift box or a fancy paperweight or desk accessories. It shows thought, and is fancy enough to be considered a romantic gift but it's not overly racy or too-cuddly like a teddy bear might be.

As is usually the case in work, keeping things on the low-key side always is in your best interest but you can't skip the Valentines Day gift all together. Make a few compromises in tune with your company's expectations and you'll make it through this holiday just fine.