Top Retirement Gift for Corporate Executives

If you are in charge of finding a gift for a retiring corporate executive you are probably wondering where to start. There may be plenty of ideas floating around in your mind but none have really landed on their feet. Most people wait until the last minute to get something, and that's when they discover that many of their ideas are either out of budget or take too long to ship and personalize.

Here's a few ideas that are very distinctive, personal and perfectly suited for a retirement party or occasion.

El Casco desk accessories are a classic, well-known item respected around the business world. These items are handcrafted in the beautiful Basque Region of Spain. Each part is authentically serial numbered and imported to the US. After an extensive polishing process, these items have a shining luster that represents diligence, dedication and brilliance--all qualities your executive has demonstrated.

There are many to choose from so here is a quick list: eye glass holders, ink blotters and rocker blotters, pencil cups, pencil sharpeners (a classic first introduced in the 1930s and unchanged since then), paperweights and cell phone caddies, for the younger executives.

Whichever you choose these products serve as a token of gratitude for service, an example of how longevity is achieved only through attention to detail, hard work and diligence.

These items are priced from $100 to $300 or more, depending on the size and style of your item. They are available in real 23 KT Gold or chrome silver.

Other options include leather desk sets, desk clocks and fancy pen sets. Don't rule out wine boxes and wine tool sets as well. These are a wonderful choice for those who enjoy wine and are looking forward to a relaxing time in their retirement years.