Top 3 Office Decorating Ideas and Tips

Your office is your kingdom, and a place where you handle many of the issues that will affect your career. It's a place where you spend lots of time, meet with peers and clients and build a reputation for yourself. So, your decor should match your style and be part of your professionalism.

Selecting office decor isn't particularly easy, but it doesn't have to be extremely difficult either. There are a few ground rules to follow. First be aware of your surroundings, making your office into something that doesn't fit the culture of your company isn't a great idea, but making it too dull and boring defeats the purpose of decorating altogether. A good office will be well outfitted with essential office supplies and desk accessories but tastefully done, each complementing the other.

Here's a few tips to decorating your office the right way.

1. Decorate your office to your level in the company. It won't make sense for a new executive to outfit thier office with fine El Casco desk accessories, if upper level management does not do the same. One or two nice desk accessories is OK, it gives the office appeal and you deserve a few luxury accessories to make it look professional. Upper level management, CEOs and Vice Presidents should consider nicer desk accessories finished in Gold or Silver. El Casco makes superior items that are imported and hand made in Spain. They are beautiful gifts and great accents on any desk.

2. Decorate your office in a consistent theme when possible. Even if that theme is simple stick to it. If you love golf, add some golf themed items like a golfer statue or pen stand. If you want to make your office look more luxurious, take a look at premium quality desk sets, with pads, pen stands and letter holders finished in leather.

3. Make your office functional first and decorative second. The office is still a place of work so be sure that you don't go overboard while decorating. Keep to simple office accessories like pen stands, paper weights and even statues with pen holders and business card holders. Each one should serve a task-specific purpose while adding a complementing decorative accent.