Deciding on the Wedding Music

"Honey, they're playing our song..." It's a familiar quote and usually one that has roots in the wedding. If you choose your music correctly, someone might just say that at your wedding.

Selecting the right wedding songs is actually fairly complicated for many couples. Everyone has different tastes and favorites so it's hard to please everyone.

You can start by choosing a few of your own favorites and then generating a few ideas for your own first dance. This will probably end up being "your song" so pick one you both find appealing.

Then add some favorite songs of your guests. What are they currently listening to? Is it hip hop, pop, rock, rap, country? Everyone has changing tastes so if you don't know, ask and find out.

Throw in some oldies for the parents and classic rock if anyone still listens to that anymore. Your ceremony's wedding music will be traditional, however the reception music doesn't have to be. Keep it current and more people will get into the celebration and dance.

It's important to have a dollar dance song as well. Here are some recommendations:

All You Really Need Is Love by Brad Paisley, Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin, Love Don't Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez, and If I had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies. There are other wedding songs too, click here to see more songs.

Selecting a DJ will give you access to a wide range of songs right away without having to hunt them all down yourself. Bands will also be able to play just about anything, however today's hits might not sound quite the same. You'll get a lot of energy from a good band, and there's nothing like live music.