How to Do the Wedding Dollar Dance

The wedding dollar dance is one of the easier games to play at a wedding. But it still takes some planning to get it right. Take these tips to heart before you learn how to do the wedding dollar dance.

1. Pick a good dollar dance song. Song choices are everything in the dollar dance. Don't pick something too romantic that might be awkward, or too long. A short 3 minute song that is light hearted and fun is perfect.

Click here for our dollar dance song list

2. Inform the DJ or band ahead of time that you are planning on hosting a dollar dance at the wedding reception. Then work out a good time to do it. Ideally, it should be done early on, after dinner and cake, and the first dance. Try it about a half hour into the after party. This serves several purposes. It "warms" up the dance floor, serves as an icebreaker--and it happens before everyone is way too inebriated to participate.

3. To start the dance, the bride simply grabs here dollar dance bag and then waves it in the air. A white satin money bag is a popular choice. The band will then wait until someone puts a dollar in the money bag and they start playing. The bride dances with whoever hands over the dollar.

4. Continue this until there seems to be no takers. It's OK to let others join in and dance with whoever they want.

Take a look at our dollar dance bags and wedding money bags for a few ideas on what to use during this fun wedding game.