Finding Crystal Awards for the Office

There are a number of great crystal awards for the office. Some are mounted on solid wood, others are pure crystal. Some motivational with themes, others are used as trophies, or employee of the month awards. The trick is finding the ones the really reflect your company's direction and goals.

Start with the basics when choosing a crystal award. The most common is the crystal star paperweight. Since is universal in theme (a star means many things) it is used in several occasions like retirements, promotional events, or employee of the month award.

Another common, universally appreciated crystal award is the etched crystal globe. This comes on a base or has a flat bottom so it can be used as a paperweight. We also sell crystal globes that can be mounted on your choice of bases which include square and pyramid shaped. This personalization allows you to create your own corporate award.

The crystal awards are easily engraved and sometimes engraving is free. Just add your own note, name or date and the item immediately becomes a one-of-a-kind gift.

There are also mounted crystal awards and trophies which come on solid wooden bases. These feature figurines in some cases and have very specialized themes like persistence, being a team player, or financial and sports related themes. They are more specialized and come with pre-engraved quotes. You can still personalize the name and date on these items or give it as is.

When selecting your crystal awards always consider your company's main message but don't get too caught up in it. Simple awards are often just as effective as specialized ones.
Once you have the basic shape picked up, it's time to create the message.