Brake for these Auto Gift Ideas

This release is ready for a test drive! It is about the new auto gifts and car lover gifts at It mentions a few great gifts for car lovers, commuters and race fans. Read on for a few great auto gifts...

Retailer test drives auto gifts for people who love cars, and commuters who are just in them a lot!

Jan 21, 2009 – Online retailers have always known that car lovers hold a special place in everyone's hearts. That's why several stores offer a section of gifts for auto lovers, or commuters. They include great car related gift ideas like heated travel mugs, or gear shift pen stands.

One retailer has included several unique auto and car gifts in their collection. has included several car gifts like an emergency escape hammer, electric heated travel mugs and more.

The gift section is designed around their principle of giving customers exactly what they want, and making it easier to shop online. The retailer hopes the new auto gifts section will catch on.

Right now it includes several unique gifts for car lovers check them out, these are great necessities and novelties for car lovers.

One of my favorites is the emergency flash light with mosquito repellent.

The online store also offers many unique corporate auto gifts for executives, which goes hand in hand with the car gifts section. Since many executives now commute at least an hour to their offices.

The new section is part of an expanded line of corporate gifts for the online retailer which updates their products every day. These new gifts for car lovers are going to continue to be popular items, noted.


Check out these great new auto gifts, they include more than just heated travel mugs. There are emergency flashlights, race car steering wheel clocks and auto themed office accessories too!