More Wall Street Gifts Given Now

Published 12/30/08
- As the market continues to take investors for a ride, there is one trend on Wall Street that has upward momentum. It might be a strange coincidence or just a short lived trend like any other, but investors seem to giving more Wall Street gifts this year. In fact, retailers are seeing an increase in sales of Wall Street statuesm clocks and other related items this year, even as the market plows out a new bottom.

One retailer said their store has seen sales of popular bull clocks, statues and memo holders increase during this down turn, and it has only continued as the holidays have progressed. It is a small trend that began when the markets all but collapsed in November, the store said.

It is not clear whether consumers are buying gifts for stock brokers that helped them avoid this present mess, or sympathy gifts for investors that couldn't get out of the way of this particular Wall Street crash, but one thing is for sure... these Wall Street gifts haven't faced them same loss of momentum that stocks have faced going into the holiday season.

Some of the most popular stock market gifts include their bull fighting the bear statue, bull head clocks, and more related gifts. Even when the market rebounds, feels the trend will continue. There will be more reason for people to buy these Wall Street gifts for their brokers then.

There is even one odious classic destined to be reborn again. A financial statue 'left over' from the market's heydays. The famous "Dow cracking 10,000 statue" was popular years ago when the market broke this "psychological barrier".

Hopefully, this statue will become a popular Wall Street gift once again.