Classic Model Airplanes Land at

This press release is about the new model airplanes at They include high quality, classic, to-scale airplane models of vintage WWII airplanes, classic commercial airliners, and famous airplanes.

All of these model airplanes are made by Authentic Models.

Click here to view the Authentic Models collection, and model airplanes.
:: Retailer adds classic model airplanes to and famous fliers to its website.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 28, 2009 – has added a new line of classic model airplanes to its website. These airplane models are to-scale replicas of the some of the world's most famous planes. They are made by Authentic Models, who is well-known for creating classic, to-scale, authentic reproductions that bring history back to life.

The new model airplanes are part of a large site update, which also includes other pieces of classic home decor and antique reproductions.

These special, high quality model airplanes are excellent reproductions of many of the world's most famous airplanes. They include to-scale model warplanes of the Jenny Barnstormers, Fokker Triplanes and Sopwith Camel from WWII. They also include commercial airplane models like the Pan Am DC3 and more famous planes like Charles Lindberg's Spirit of St. Louis .

The Hindenberg Zeppelin model is also part of this new airplane model collection. The model airplanes can be viewed here

In addition, has added new boats and other antique models to its store.
Check out the Flying Jenny model, Sopwith Camel model, and Fokker Triplane.

The store is adding more unique antique reproductions including furniture, posters, maps and more. You can check out their Authentic Models collection here.