Bridal Purses Playing Dual Role

This press release talks about how new bridal purses can be used as a ceremony wedding purse, handbag or for the traditional dollar dance.


Jan 19, 2009
– A new line of bridal purses is making both an economic and a fashion statement. They are designed to fill two roles and therefore are helping new brides and grooms save money.

These new bridal purses are coming into retail stores at just the right time, with a recession looming and many people still struggling to make ends meet, consumers are looking for the best ways to make what they spend really count.

That means buying for now and the future, and the new bridal purses fill both needs. They can be used for the wedding day and after wards as well. These evening bags slash bridal purses are a perfect fit for couples who do not see the point in spending money on accessories that they will only use once.

These new evening bags and bridal purses are made to be elegant enough for the nightclub or fancy restaurant but decorative for a wedding. They feature unique accents and are made with what are considered bridal fabrics, the chiffon and satin.

Everything about the new bridal purses is designed to appeal to today's budget conscious consumer. The style, versatility and overall function are key elements in the design. It's just one more way companies are trying to keep wedding shoppers happy today.

You can find examples of these new purses online at They feature all kinds of unique bridal purses, wedding accessories and decorations at a great price!

Vintage Evening Bag / Bridal Purse
Bridal Hand Bags with sequins
Designer Hand Bag / Bridal Purse