Retailer Updates Resources Page, Links to New Customers

This post talks about Photoframesplus updating their links page. It is a helpful article for any store doing the same thing. You can view this links page and submit your own URL as a link to one of the categories.

--- Online store updates it's resources page by adding an easy-to-use linking software.

Online retailer has added a new links and resources page to their website that will feature several link category pages with URL links to many of the top wedding favors, wedding gifts, and corporate gifts websites. This page will allow other sites to link to their pages, and share a reciprocal link back to their own site. Visit the links page for more details.

In order to make this linking feature more useful, the store is providing the software to run the links and affiliates pages. This means stores can link to and receive a link back to their store very easily. They have added a "click and link" portal right on their website.

The new link manager is part of the store's campaign to gain more linking partners. Links are vital to search engine rankings, however the links also need to serve a purpose, the store noted. Each link must be something that can help any customer find what they need, if the store does not have that item in stock.

The new link pages are divided into several categories so customers can easily find stores based on what they want to purchase.

The retailer said that this will make the store much more valuable to its customers, and possibly generate better word of mouth. is now accepting linking partners to begin building the links page in weddings, corporate gifts, home décor and other categories.

Additional opportunities for vendors who sell wedding favors, gifts and related products also exists at They can already place their store on one of the blogs run by the retailer including GiftsnFavors blog.

The store is hoping to continue on the success it has had with its partners by exchanging more links and broadening their reach. The store sells discount wedding favors, wedding gifts and corporate gifts and office accessories, as well as home décor.

They also sell model airplanes, boats, antique reproductions and other items